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    I need help: Players, store page, price, game, trailer...

    Honestly, to me it looks like your game has a lot of potential and could be reworked to something way more successful, but: Now, if you don't want to rework your game and only need tips to improve sales, then yeah, make a better and smaller trailer, lower the price and avoid using words like...
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    Profitability: lots of small games or one big game?

    Indeed, is way better for the adult games market right now (and Steam accepts those kinds of games now btw), but I've seen regular games have some success there. I'd say the monthly releases is what gives those kind of games some advantage in that platform - releasing a new version every...
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    Profitability: lots of small games or one big game?

    OK, I want to defend the other side here because apparently everybody thinks that small games are the only way to go unless you want to bet your career on a single game. As someone making a living from making the same game for 2+ years now and releasing another very successful one during this...
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    Game & Map Screenshots 9

    It's funny because having big walls to protect a village/town is useless if you keep tall trees near it, but it makes the maps look much better xD I think that what @TimmyTheNerd did with the trees looks better, specially if there is a dense forest around the village, even though I normally go...
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    Female protagonist or Male Protagonist?

    I just want to say one thing: we, as independent developers, are usually 'bottom feeders', which means that we find most success in things the main industry is ignoring/not exploring because of the somewhat small fan-base, like turn based RPGs for example! We shouldn't look at the rules and...
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    Is RPG Maker really just a FF/DQ clone maker?

    People need to understand that 'making games' = coding. No engine will make everything possible in a click of a button. The RPG Maker community is awesome enough to provide hundreds of free and easy to use plugins. Unfortunately, to create the game of your dreams, you'll still have to acquire...
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    QPlugins - Latest: QABS

    Ah, sorry, I just did a few more tests, seems like the position change only happens if the game project is edited after the game is saved (I tested using only your plugins).
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    QPlugins - Latest: QABS

    Thanks for all these awesome plugins @Quxios! There seems to be a problem when saving the game though, specially with the QMovement I think - the player will be transferred to the center of the nearest tile when the game is loaded, not to the exact place the player saved, and this can cause some...
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    SAKAN Tileset Builder MV

    When I first saw it, I thought it would allow us to edit/organize new tile sheets without having to add new files in the project - this would be sooo useful ;_; but yeah, just as an image editor I don't think it is worth it... the new tiles seems like a nice addition though, and maybe it...
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    Anyone have these Tilesets?

    These tiles are from the RPG Maker XP RTP, I think all he did was some small edits and recolors, it's funny how most people don't realize this o.o'
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    Popping POTIONS like M&M's

    What would you do about the MP costs and prices for the skills and items? If a level 1 character can use/buy it, it needs to be cheap, but doing so things can get unbalanced at higher levels... Here's a nice article about this subject, maybe it can give you some...
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    I am watching this.

    The engine is not the problem, the problem is the RPG genre I think. It's not like we have lots of really good indie RPG games out there, but only the RPG Maker ones are bad.  It's super hard to make a good RPG! Most indie game developers are just amateurs in game making, and often don't know...
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    The Resource WIP thread 2

    You're right, I knew there was something wrong about their faces!  here, I've changed the eyes a little: Does it look better? What about their size? Do you have a preference between 2, 3 and 4?
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    The Resource WIP thread 2 I have tried to, but I just don't like the base characters from MV's RTP very much. So, excited about the new FSM tileset DLC, I thought it would be a good idea to finally edit some sprites em make them just a little taller! I have just made some quick tests and...
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    How many people knew the engine without tutorials?

    I see some kind of pride for not using tutorials in most of the answers here, this sound a little bit silly to me. I'm using RPG Maker for about 15 years now, and I still read/watch tutorials when I see something potentially interesting. Tutorials can give you inspiration and teach you small...

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