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  1. Water Plants and Rocks

    Hello all! I've spent a few days looking through various tilesets for water plants that would fit this tileset color: I'm trying to do a horror game on VX Ace and can't seem to find a mix of both regular water plants (such as reeds) and some darker themed (such as floating logs). I'm also...
  2. Tilesets not showing up in Database

    Ah! Thank you! That fixed my problem!
  3. Tilesets not showing up in Database

    I apologize. Is that better?
  4. Tilesets not showing up in Database

    Correct! Are these what you are looking for?
  5. Tilesets not showing up in Database

    This is my first post and I hope I put this in the right section, if not I will relocate it. So I've been updating tilesets for the game and up until now it was updating correctly. Currently, the tilesets show up in the Resource Manager but the updated version and new tilesets do not show up in...

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