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  • Okay, finally tested every quests in my game... and it took me 7 hours! So probably 10 hours of gameplay for now.
    You know what I hate doing? Tilesets! Of course I don't create my own (not a 2D artist), but I edit resources. It is boring. I want to code.
    Just re-watched Infinity War. God dayum I can't wait for the next Avengers Movie
    Vox Novus
    Vox Novus
    Its definitely an exciting time for their cinematic universe. This massive story that they built up towards is close to its resolution and chances are its going to mean a sort of fresh start with where the universe moves next. I've gotten behind on the movies so I've missed a few recent ones :(
    Isabella Ava
    Isabella Ava
    The next Avengers is Adam Warlock take down Thanos and un-do his terrible works : =)
    That feeling when you're reaching near the end of your project and kind of feel a void inside you.
    Still got 1-2 month of work, but this is nothing compared to the year and a half I've been working on my current project.
    Finally done composing my game's battle theme. The first time my DAW crashed and deleted the file. Anyway enjoy
    I'm starting to see the end of my project, but I also see everything that still needs to be done. So should I rejoice or sigh?
    Hi MushroomCake! My name is Brian! I'm currently in search for music to add to a game my brother and I are developing. I very so much love your music. Exactly what way could I go about using your music with your permission? I saw that it's free, but you're also looking for a payment / donation method? Do you have more music by chance?
    Please do not use Status Updates to ask requests like this, that is not their purpose. They are meant to be much 'lighter' - odd bits of info, random thoughts, things like that. I suggest you post in MushroomCake's thread with the music. That way not only does it keep it tidy, but it also means that if anyone else has the same query, they will see what the answer is.
    Hi! I don't currently have a thread dedicated for that, since it's still new for me and since I still don't have any free music. I will start a thread and clarify everything for everyone, then I'll send you the thread. But thanks for you interest!
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suspended on twitter for calling an ahole an ahole & appealing the tweet; furious at myself for being even slightly upset with my suspension: oh no, you've been temporarily banned from hell. GET OVER IT, me.
how can you download the tiles from a forum post here? HELP
That moment when you post the wrong download link to your game and wonder why it got so few downloads... :mad:
Trying to make it so my map is cleared of "random" events after the player leaves the map... to little success >.< I think I might need to ask help for this.
Had my first interaction with a legit homophobe concerning one of my games today. Tempting to engage, but pointless.

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