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  1. Main character does not have walking animation

    i cant remember why
  2. Main character does not have walking animation

    Thanks that was a lot of info! also sorry about posting in the wrong thread, first time posting, but thank you that was very helpful!
  3. Main character does not have walking animation

    Hello,  So i am having this problem were my main character will not use the walking animation. He will move like normal but his legs will not move and he looks funny. I started to have this problem once i finished the opening video/ intro. Attached are the commands that i am using. If any one...

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Spent a whole bunch of time today reworking the area in the video because someone said it was too illusory. So I reworked it so it changes less, moved the grass up to the same level as the player.... And found enough extra resources to make the grass moves when the player touches it. Also lots more water, because it looks amazing. I'll probably put up a short updated video later today.

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