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    Oh, right:rswt. Anyway, I have to change it, I have finished the update I had planned and have to change it anyway. Thanks!
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    Ties into the old school character generation. Nice The link goes to the wrong page.
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    That sounds so specific you might need a commision instead. In fact, you can't configure editor-wise the sacrifices nor scripter define...
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    Can you please say step by step what you want, with punctuations and capitals? I seriously can't understand what you ask for.
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    You need to be more detailed. Who pays with HP? Party leader, the entire party, one specified character... How does the conversion rate...
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    "Stepping animation" in the editor is what he means. I'll check if it's easy so you can use a snippet. [Edit] This is the part of the...
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    ME_InstanceActor 1.1.0 myenemy Introduction Generate actors with randomized stats! Features - Create mercenaries or different types of...
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    myenemy replied to the thread Anyone have any ideas to help?.
    First... Welcome to game making! That's a common issue for everyone, we are never satisfied with what we have. You must dream big, but...
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    ME_LastDoor 1.1.0 myenemy Introduction A plugin to return to where you teleported from. Features - Teleport to dynamic dungeons being...

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Are the default-size "chibi" sprites really a bad thing for a project? I'm not planning to sell my game anyway but I was wondering if they were as hated as some videos seem to claim...
Only 9 things left on the to-do list before my game's next big update. Minus the soul-crushing playtesting session, of course! So close...
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Anyone else who initially created a character to be a villain only to end up liking them so much that you made them a hero? :)

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