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    Anyone have any ideas to help?

    First... Welcome to game making! That's a common issue for everyone, we are never satisfied with what we have. You must dream big, but not far, in other words, you must do something you can finish, even if it's small, then raise from there, until you reach it. If you dream big and far, you won't...
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    ME_LastDoor 1.1.0 myenemy Introduction A plugin to return to where you teleported from. Features - Teleport to dynamic dungeons being able to teleport back to the entrance! - Make "Castle in a bottle" items and events like FE: Fates "My castle"! Description In many videogames, there's a hub...
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    RMMZ Request: Plugin to take fullmap screenshots.

    The only fix I find for that is to open the files in order with a graphics editor, like paint dot net or photoshop and fuse the layers manually... In the help about the plugin, it says you can communicate it to the creator directly, he might just add it. You can also keep this thread open to...
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    RMMZ Request: Plugin to take fullmap screenshots.

    Often MV plugins are straight away compatibles with MZ [Edit]Checked. It's the case here.
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    RMMZ Any Stealth based scripts?

    Did you try ?
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    RMMZ I Need A Land Vehicle Plugin For RMMZ Pls Help

    People usually fixes this by doing that thing of "Gather followers", "Disable followers", change party sprites for the vehicle, then sets a higher move speed together a common event to undo these changes when player preses certain key. A new vehicle would not appear in the editor, so you'd have...
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    How do I take full map screenshots?

    I call that "props". I was going to suggest to use "Save as image" function from the editor, but that doesn't display events, regardless npc, doors or props. Just like you said that should be a plugin, so it should probably be a plugin request, if you don't mean to ask for it being an editor...
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    RMMV Shiggy's Multicurrency Plugin - Compatibility with Yanfly's Core Engine

    These show the error is not a crash, but the shop plugin not being ready to interact with that multi currency system. The fix has to be made over the shop plugin with info about the multicurrency. If the multicurrency is just a basic display as it seems, it won't be that hard to fix. I can't...
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    RMMV Shiggy's Multicurrency Plugin - Compatibility with Yanfly's Core Engine

    Can you upload screenshots, and/or the stacktrace log (open the console before the game crashes, and copy the error lines) to the main post in the thread? (I don't know if I still have any yanfly plugins on my pc so I doubt I'll be able to fix it, but these add a lot to help fixing these errors)
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    RMMZ How do I get my code called by game flow OR Maximum Call Stack Size in empty plugins

    I tried that before starting the thread. I thought I had explained already, but I guess I'm no good at explaining when I'm too obfuscated on why something that used to work in MV I can't make it again on MZ... I tried to explain I already tried that. I was most likely too ambiguous. A full...
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    RMMZ How do I get my code called by game flow OR Maximum Call Stack Size in empty plugins

    I've seen a lot of it, but never tried the wrapper approach in my plugins, your example is quite explanatory. As you noticed in your edit, I already try naming them different in each plugin. More often than not, at the second alias of the same function in different plugins, gives me the max call...
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    RMMZ Mz plugin to modify the menu in the title.

    That's more or less easy, even for an aesthetic plugin. Just search for start menu or scene title plugins, like this or this for example. Then, if you want to make an actual request, you should answer me in kind, and edit your main thread to specify your details.
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    RMMZ Harvest Moon Style Menu

    So.... Harvest Moon, Harvest Moon 2, Harvest Moon 3, Harvest Moon: Back to Nature, Harvest Moon 64...? I can't make asthetic plugins, but you should post sample screenshots for people who can!
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    RMMZ Remove Mouse feature in MZ?

    You can make a plugin with: TouchInput.initialize = function() { this.clear(); }; Have a nice day!
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    RMMV Add customized character attribute

    I don't really get your question with so little explanation of what you want to do. $, is the actor's current status, name, level, stats and so on. The general charasteristics are saved there, and you should code them like every stat is in the project, and overwrite the...

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