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    Timed Attack: Clock

    Thanks for this, SumRnDMDde! This will be perfect for my game where you can do 4,382,048,329 palm and hit vital points.
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    Should I use the input class, or my own key listener?

    Right now, I'm using a bunch of if statements in the update function to check for keys. if (Input.isPressed("up")){ }else if (Input.isPressed("down")){ }else if (Input.isPressed("left")){ } else if (Input.isPressed("right")){ } The problem is, sometimes a key is missed if I tap it...
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    Actor Command Option Adder Thing

    Actor Command Option Adder Thing MyLegGuy v1   Introduction It let's you put more options in that menu that you get after you press fight. Those options activate skills. This script can also change the order of the actor commands or remove an actor command. This can also change the size of the...

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