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    Yanfly Battle Command List Help - Adding to Party Command Window

    Requesting a bump to this thread.  Edit: Requesting thread be moved to RGSSx Script Support.
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    Yanfly Battle Command List Help - Adding to Party Command Window

    Hello. I am currently using Yanfly's Battle Command List script for my VX Ace Project. I'm currently desiring to enter a custom command to the Party Command Window beginning at Line 145 of the script. I was curious if I was able to place a Skill Type within the Party Command Windows at...
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    Key Mapping

    Hello. I'm having an issue mapping keys. I have a common event that's running on the default setting of "When L is Pressed....". I was curious if I could make a command that says when "Num 1 is Pressed...", "Num 2 is Pressed" etc. I understand that according to the default mapping "L" is the Q...
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    "Shakespearean" dialogue.

    I think Final Fantasy XII did a great job with using European accents in characters.
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    Earthquakes - The First Signal [Updated 19/10/2015]

    The standard dash is too slow. It feels like your walking speed is 2x slow and your dash is normal, but I could be wrong. With the "strong" comment, I don't take too kindly to be patronized. That being said, a new player may think that the skill they used is 'strong' on the target, indicating...
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    Earthquakes - The First Signal [Updated 19/10/2015]

    A few things. I like your choice in music- especially your use of the RTP tracks.  Mapping within the house and the first town is a little sketchy. It may be wise to read up on Shift-mapping in order to get some of those edges to blend in. The church windows look like they're going to fall off...
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    Is it me or is the "horror" genre tag being abused on new indie games these days?

    Resident Evil for PSX. The first zombie. That face has haunted my dreams since 1998.
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    What was your first RPG Game?

    Breath of Fire III
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    What do you do besides RPG Maker?

    Grad school for a masters in university administration.
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    Gears of Obscura

    Debt. Debt collector. 
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    Need help on making image based choices

    Your tutorial was for RPG Maker 2003, not VX Ace
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    Discuss: What do you do if you're Burned out?

    I haven't updated my project or opened RMVXA since November.
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    Realm of Perpetual Guilds

    Awful. 0/10 would not buy.
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    Worst Modern Games You've Played

    The new Kim Kardashian game.

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