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  • Any skilled Dragonbones veterans around? :)
    Myst Desdemona
    Myst Desdemona
    Nothing so serious so far. Just testing around to see if I would switch from static to animated. Good to know there are people one could get involved in the future though :)
    You probably should ask in one of the forums, honestly. You'll get more of a response, and it's the proper place to get answers.
    Myst Desdemona
    Myst Desdemona
    I would, if I wasn't such a coward xD. Probably should try and get over it at some point.
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Made a surprising amount of progress in these past two days. Really helps when parallax mapping breaks limitation and allowing me to be creative and make maps that match my vision.
Let's promote our amazing artists in RPG Maker community! I posted right now about my game Phil Alone on Twitter and I decided to thanks Lime Zu, the amazing artist that did all the pixel assets for my game!
I just realised that the reason behind me not being able to make a game may be the lack of my original resources. I just dont like the look of MV faces and sprites, lol. Guess I will have make my own art.
I'm posting a commission art soon! :kaoswt2:

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