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  • Any skilled Dragonbones veterans around? :)
    Myst Desdemona
    Myst Desdemona
    Nothing so serious so far. Just testing around to see if I would switch from static to animated. Good to know there are people one could get involved in the future though :)
    You probably should ask in one of the forums, honestly. You'll get more of a response, and it's the proper place to get answers.
    Myst Desdemona
    Myst Desdemona
    I would, if I wasn't such a coward xD. Probably should try and get over it at some point.
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Draw something
Me: No problemo! ''draws something''
Now draw the same thing from a different angle
Me: So....You have discovered my weakness...
I got a new PC... Nothing wrong with my lil laptop at all! Still works great, and I'll be using it for school. But, the specs for gaming were falling off fast. So I was selfish and bought myself a beast of a PC ^-^

Held hostage in my own house half the day by an old man that cant take hints or read body language, STILL manage to make some pixels! booyah! I should get a promotion!....No wait...I should get a job o_O

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