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  • Alright, I've written up a brief 20pg design document. Still need to see about art assets, story, and script feasibility. We can't agree on out of combat perspective.
    I've been very busy lately. I might have to take up a platform puzzle game and an rpg. Also have green light for a short film.
    Currently assembling assets. Attempting to sort through a lot of rpg maker content (and possibly make it available to others).
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I've noticed that more videos on YouTube have these segmented bookmark things in the videos themselves. It's nice being able to jump to parts of a video you want, and to have them all clearly labelled.
Why you do this? Now I have to buy the new RPG Maker xD
I've always dreaded planning for my games so I just didn't plan at all. That... didn't work out after all. :kaosigh:
Turns out it can be kind of fun if you keep the scope small and don't take it way too seriously.
well... for the first time in months... I feel like my game is headed towards something again. I finally have it where I won't be drawing battle assets for the rest of the year...

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