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    RMMV Plugin All in one Requests

    Well, if possible I have a lot of time since I'm just starting to create the game, now if it were to be able to be created as a reward, I could still give 1 copy of my game and credit to the creators, but only if it becomes possible. thank you very much in the same way.
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    RMMV Plugin All in one Requests

    this is 1 example although I found a plugin (EIS Grid Inventory) but it does not modify the internal inventory, it is opened by an event and I really would like to have the inventory that is drag and drop. Here I create what I need, I don't know if it will be possible, but because of the...
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    RMMV Plugin All in one Requests

    You are right because of size this is not enough, but the SDR_HudMaker plugin allowed me to change the sizes of the windows, in addition to the item information windows, I make them transparent and I would put them 1 on top of another, so they will only occupy 1 place. I will try to create an...
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    RMMV Plugin All in one Requests

    There is already an example, since I want in 1 window to have everything, items, statistics and skills, instead of several windows.
  5. Nacura

    RMMV Plugin All in one Requests

    Hello Consult there is a plugin that you can use 1 window but everything is inside. Let me explain, when opening the menu, it shows statistics, items, skills that I have in a single window. Thank you!
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    com_sho Shop Inside Tileset

    @tale Yes, because I liked it a lot, I already edited a Tileset and added it, if you get to make more modern Tileset, I will be happy to add my game. Thank you so much :)
  7. Nacura

    com_sho Shop Inside Tileset

    They are very cute, I will use them in my project, and will you create more? or if you have in another publication. I give it to you credit? Thank you :)
  8. Nacura

    Side View Guns + Gun Tiles [PMusket]

    I really liked your work, but you don't have the weapons in icons? greetings and thanks
  9. Nacura

    how can i show a script in elections

    Hello good. See how I can show a script in these options. thanks
  10. Nacura

    Script: check if the actor is equipped with a weapon

    Yes it worked for me, thank you very much! this code also works $gameParty.leader().weapons().length
  11. Nacura

    Script: check if the actor is equipped with a weapon

    Hello I need help, I am creating a verification script, where I verify if the actor or group is equipping a weapon, I leave below the script I have. $gameActors(1).equips(0).nil? Greetings and thanks
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    waynee95's Storage System

    There I solve the error of increasing the maximum storage, now I will solve the other problems ajaj Change Max Capacity: $
  13. Nacura

    waynee95's Storage System

    Hello friend, you know I want to increase the maximum storage and it gives me error, I have the maximum storage 20, I put 50 and it gives error, and now I put 0 and it gives me the same error. I don't know if it will be the Script, but when I want to clean everything, or delete storage, I don't...
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    Popnfizzle's Edits 'n' Such

    Hello, please need the credits Bokou I only have this and the page is down.
  15. Nacura

    Disable mouse click movement

    Yanfly add plugin for activation events afar

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