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    Changing the rules of "death" status

    I used Yanfly's Advanced Switches and Variables to make a move that activates exactly at max tp. You could probably do something similar with enemy hp. I'm attaching a screenshot of my event page for you. Hope this helps!
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    FREE WHITEOUT: Resurrection - Looking for artist

    I could try my hand at voice acting for your game. I'm a 24 year old male with a somewhat deep voice.
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    Title Screen Change Via Event

    Look for Yanfly's Dynamic Title Images plugin. You will also need the Yanfly Engine Core Plugin to use it.
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    Event Battle Processing: Game Over

    If you want to make an automatic game over when your party fails in battle you have to uncheck the "can lose" option in battle processing. "Can lose" is only there if you want to do more events after a loss but if you want just a game over screen then you don't use "can lose".
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    RMMV Stir Crazy

    Synopsis: A wizard has been teleported into a tower by demons. Upon waking inside this tower, the wizard known as Pyre Lord finds himself unable to leave. After spending a while inside the tower, Pyre Lord grows very bored and notices one of the shelves seems rather empty. Then, he notices a...
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    One Map Game Challenge Submissions

    Title: Stir Crazy Description: A wizard gets bored so he decides to summon a demon. I made this game in a few hours, I hope someone finds some enjoyment in it. You can download it on windows, linux, or mac here Things used: Maps: 1 Events: 7 Switches: 4 Variables: 0 Plugins: 8 Endings: 3
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    I've been working on my project more lately but Soulcalibur 6 is coming to stop me.

    I've been working on my project more lately but Soulcalibur 6 is coming to stop me.
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    Hide casting message on certain skills

    With core battle engine I can use <Display Text> and <Display Icon> in the skill's note box and it does pretty much what I want it to do but there's still the black transparent line that shows up at the top. I'm just nitpicking at this point though, it works well enough that I don't think there...
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    Hide casting message on certain skills

    I'm looking for a plugin that will hide the message that displays when you use a skill.
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    Balancing fight

    You can try out Yanfly's Enemy Levels That let's you set custom levels for enemies to start at based on various conditions.
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    What is wrong with my script?

    I tried just removing the Var part of your variable declarations and that fixed it
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    How do I use the player's current class as a condition (Yanfly's auto passive states)

    I've ended up making a troop event using yanfly's advanced switches and variables and yanfly's base troop events that makes certain skills happen based on your class exactly when you reach max tp. Thanks for showing me how to do class checks with auto passives still, I might still find a use...
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    Changing stuff by event doesn't work !

    This sounds like stuff you can set by default in the database. You shouldn't need an event if you're wanting to start the game at a certain level with items and skills. You just need to set the initial level on the actor to the desired level and choose their starting equipment. You can set...
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    Party Guest that doesn't fight.

    Here's a different place you can find Party Guests
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    I finally have most of the core gameplay prototyped in my project. Now I just need to start...

    I finally have most of the core gameplay prototyped in my project. Now I just need to start building everything else lol.

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