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    Wayward's MV Resources (Battlers/Sprites/Tiles) (update 200817: Sprites: tall sprites)

    Hello! Really liked your bits and pieces for tall templates. Can I edit them a bit to fit Tonbi's tall templates?
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    Who is author of the graphic?

    Thank you, everyone. You helped me very much. )
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    Who is author of the graphic?

    Thank you very much!
  4. Nalia

    Who is author of the graphic?

    I'm concerned and hope I get some help here. In my project there is few resourses of that I do not know the author, nor the terms of use. Help me to find it out, please. First, this exellent horse (the man on that is mine, so don't pay attention to him): Second, this bear: Third, the cute...

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Here's the title-screen for the game I'm working on: :LZSgrin:
Oh man I've been struggling with event spawners and Qmovement compatibility for quite a while- went as far as to use a tool just to pick crops :kaocry: but Ritter got their spawner to work with Qmove and I'm screeing! It's still in testing period but just- the feeling of getting over a large gameplay hurdle is a HUGE relief, I'm so thankful to Ritter! It's a cheap paid plugin but totally worth it!
Welp, I just finished my favorite part of RPG making which is creating skills, now onto the tasks I like less so the motivation is lower. At least I'll get to create new ones while designing enemies!
New to MV... Awesome forum, cheers everyone.

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