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  • Kinda funny, I used @Name to show someone that they can use that for referencing people. And then found out there is actually someone who's name is Name. :guffaw:
    updated website with commission info! working on editing the halloween game to play in browser. X>
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and an original idea of people having alter egos is back... finally.
Another camping area.
I just found out somebody pirated my 3,99$ game. I spent over a year making it and somebody just publish it for free a week after early access released.

I should be glad, cuz if they pirate you, that means your game has to be good, but im not. I barely sold any copy. Didn't get any info from most of the sites I wrote.
So I'm hoping that I get an MRI on my knee soon, but until then, I'm on a prescription dosage of ibuprofen. It's definitely helping, but my knee is still hurting and occasionally locks up. The urgent care doctor was convinced it's a meniscus tear due to it locking, and said that if it is, I'll need surgery. :(

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