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    NANO BGM Loader 0.1 (under experimental)

    Introduction BGM playing start delay to very short.   How to Use Copy NANO_BGM_Loader.js to Plugins folder and plugin enabled.   Demo   Download   Version 0.1: first release.  ...
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    wrong looptag in some m4a files?

    いくつかの m4a ファイルに設定されているループラベルが間違っている。 調査した結果、次のリストのように修正する必要があると考えます。 正しいと思うデータはOggに入っているパラメータです。   Is wrong looptag contained in some m4a files. In my check the data , I think it should be fixed as shown in the following list . Correct data is from in the same Ogg file .  ...

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So I need to come up with quite a few action sequences.
Was stressing about this plugin earlier, but pretty happy with how its looking now! Purple makes it pop more too!! :)
A friend requested me to do a pfp for his twitch channel, so far he approved one of my sketches, so going to digital now. The style he's looking for is quite different from my usual, hopefully I can get it right... :kaoback:
I am so hyped! A new post update and im anxious to see reactions..eeeeeeee

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