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    Emailed of Free DLC

    Okay, sorry for the trouble thanks for the help
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    Emailed of Free DLC

    Then why did it say MV characters I thought they'd be for use in MV shame any idea how to make those busts though?
  3. NarikoStudios

    Emailed of Free DLC

    I'm not, I just signed up for a news letter and wasn't sure if having MV let me have the free stuff without VNMaker, only using the MV things so thought they would be a download link for just the MV things as I have a license for that haven't bought VNMaker yet
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    Emailed of Free DLC

    I didn't use steam, can someone send them to me as I don't have a dlc folder as didn't use steam
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    Emailed of Free DLC

    Hey, I got a email and it said there was free DLC but sent me to purchasable steam links How do I get these free characters and it would be helpful to know especially as it had a large number for MV characters and i'm still trying to do a game for that If anyone could let me know how to download...
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    How to do Busts

    Hey, in the new version update thumbnail I saw a bust and was wondering if this was a new part of the generator for the new update or if there was a way to make these busts. Would be very helpful to know thankyou
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    RPG Maker MV 1.5.1 and MADO!

    How do I get busts like in the picture on the homepage?
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    Visual Novel Maker

    Thanks could you send me a link or is it on here? Edit: found it Can you say when a release date is?
  9. NarikoStudios

    Visual Novel Maker

    Sorry that other engines were mentioned I just posted here to find out when VN Maker was out but where do I put this if not here?
  10. NarikoStudios

    Visual Novel Maker

    Well I still trust Archeia more as her stuff is always looking so good and it would be cool to buy something from someone I knew as helped community rather than another of the mentioned ones. if that makes sence atall. Is it similar to how RPG works?
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    Visual Novel Maker

    So wait for Visual Novel Maker or get one already out? >< Confused I was waiting for the Degica one as i'm confident i'll be able to use it as I've used other makers RPG Maker for example obviously Also not sure if Art I got made for RPG Maker games would be aloud to be used on VN Maker...
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    Visual Novel Maker

    Hey, does anyone know when Visual Novel Maker is out it says Autumn on Steam but we're already in Autumn for ages so does anyone have a specific release date? thanks Id like to know roughly when its out so I can save up my money to afford it.
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    Season Pass

    It's a pain really as I have the TV sprites from the freebie wednesdays but I can't have them in battles unless I buy the season pass, also the pirates seem to be season pass only.
  14. NarikoStudios

    Season Pass Does anyone know if any of these packs will be available separately? I'm only interested in Pack 2 as I like the 2003 characters but I don't really want to pay £22.99 for 4 packs when I only want one. Especially with all the negative reviews on...
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    The Resource WIP thread 2

    I own VX Ace and MV and i'm looking to see if I can get males the same

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