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    Ship Vehicle and Gold Coins sprites for MV!

    I also was looking for a ship and there wasnt any (except one ship that is in google graphics after writing "ship Sprite" and isnt good I guess because there isn't much about ToU) so I found nice raft. If noone will make a ship I guess its better than nothing. (And this raft is pretty imo...
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    How do I change my username?

    Hey @Archeia could you please change my username to T34KEN? Thanks :)
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    Where can I find a sprite holding a gun?

    In this link there is a sprite of character from anime, so I dont think if it can be used.. ("Fairy Tail")
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    Late introduction

    :kaoluv:Hello and good luck with your project! :)
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    Hello looking for a battle system like in 2d mmos

    So instead of turn based combat you want to fight on map? I think there are about 4 plugins for that but the most popular ones are: 1. Chrono engine by Moghunter 2. Alpha ABS by Kagedesu
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    Need Help with Suitable Tileset Resources

    Psychronic shares nice stuff
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    Which of my plugins would you like ported to MZ?

    Heal on level up (i use it in every project :rswt)
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    Benku Cains Tall Character Template.

    Wow, they are awesome! Thanks for sharing.
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    What teas do you like to drink?

    I love black tea and i'm used to just hot water with nettle.
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    do you have any problems with games that use rtp?

    I dont like big-head style as well, but as you said: someone cant make their own tilesets and/ or find - if that's true then the same person might be not able to make their own characters..
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    do you have any problems with games that use rtp?

    When I see games that are published on this forum RTP is the last important thing. Like others said story and usage of RTP are the most important.
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    A New RPG Maker draws near! Command?

    Nowadays its hard to tell about a game that doesnt have "credits" and rpg makers instead of doing it on starting screen of the game (below new gamę button for example)waits until some plugin maker will do it... What a shame
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    A New RPG Maker draws near! Command?

    nio kasgami is right, just use RPG maker mv if you like these plugins or wait until they will be released/pay someone to recreate them/ Ask for making them compatible... My own hope is that even if Yanfly retired her plugins somehow will be in rmmz
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    A New RPG Maker draws near! Command?

    I totally agree with you, now it looks more like update of MV than new RPG maker ...
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    MOBA General Thread - Get your LoL and DoTA Hats On!

    To everyone: if you areny prepared on very rude words - avoid LoL. If you are still willing to Play lol I would recommend garen, Darius (Toplane) Ahri,fizz (midlane) Ammumu, Warwick (jungle) Caitlyn, Jinx, Ezreal (botlane). At the moment in lol there is special mode: URF with infinite mana and...

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