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  • Oh, it's a kitten... While scrolling, I saw a tiny version of your avatar move by on my screen, and for just a second, it looked like a... uhm... well, like the most-drawn object in high-school. :p
    Also this comment reminds me of how on the
    original Wii, on The Photo Channel, there was this little black
    cat that would walk along the top of the screen and if you put
    your Wii hand cursor on it it would try to run away really fast,
    but if you caught it, it would make a meowing sound and give
    you tips. I remember this because my family got a Wii when it
    first came out in 2006 and it was really fun to play.
    Well, since that's the second time someone's made that mistake, looks like I either need to re-draw the avatar or get/commission a better one.
    @Sleepy Kitten Games Oh, don't worry. It made me laugh. Once I figured my mistake, it was totally clear what it was supposed to be. :) (And if it was what I saw for a second, then the tail wouldn't make any sense.) :p
    This will be the first status update, but something exciting happened today so whatever: I placed a preorder for Ys 9's limited edition today, following the news of Ys 9 coming to the west next year.
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Sooooo close to picking a game idea for the jam. That's almost halfway done, right? :D
I have completed what is clearly the most important part of participating in the game jam: coming up with a name!
My shrink has me trying to limit 30 mins a day for each of my personal projects so I can have a healthier life. But lately the rpg making in particular has been hard to pull away from and I keep getting lost in it.
Everyone has a test project named like this...right?


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