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  1. JavaScript questions that don't deserve their own thread

    Thank you again for the insight! I've been messing around on my own the past couple of days, getting successful code for some states. There's something I've been trying to do in the notetags that I was wondering if you knew the proper syntax for. I'd like to identify the party position of a...
  2. JavaScript questions that don't deserve their own thread

    Thank you for the insight into how the notetags work and for the quick reply. The damage modification seems like it would be effectively the same thing, I will try to see if I can get the code to run. Just out of curiosity, could you theoretically include both <Custom Apply Effect> and...
  3. JavaScript questions that don't deserve their own thread

    Hey all, so I'm using Yanfly's States Core plugin and I think I'm just lacking the proper syntax knowledge to achieve what I want. I want states that buff stats, but to have the buff dependent on the intelligence of the character who applied the buff. I have been testing this with a state that...
  4. How to: Stat Dependent Buffs?

    Would I have to do something with the skill calling a common event that saves the character's stats as variables, doing the math manipulation within the variables themselves and then replacing the characters stat with the outcome variable?
  5. How to: Stat Dependent Buffs?

    Hello All! I have been googling a bit around this, but so far have not seen someone explaining how to handle what I would like to have happen in the software, or a plugin addressing it. (So I may be missing something super obvious). Anyway, so I have a class who is all about just buffing...
  6. RPG Maker Automatically Closing After Opening

    Hey! Thanks for the quick reply, would you be willing to clarify for me what "reformatting" your computer entails?
  7. RPG Maker Automatically Closing After Opening

    Hello everyone! So I have run into a problem that I am no longer able to solve. Something that began happening a long time ago during my development is sometimes when I saved and closed MV while the world map was loaded, MV would then fail to open the next time I tried. When I would try to open...
  8. RMMV Damage Formula - ideas and help

    Thank you Solar_Flare for the quick response! My heroes are now doing damage in what seems like the proper way with the "a.level" edit! I've been testing them against a base enemy with 1 for all stats (except hp), and when it attacks it's still doing 0 damage to my heroes, do you know if I'm...
  9. RMMV Damage Formula - ideas and help

    So I followed glasses guide to get the supposedly proper function names, but my formula is resulting in 0 damage every time so obviously I've got something wrong. Here's what I thought would work: Math.max((level + Math.pow(a.atk,1.2) - Math.pow(b.def,1.1)) * (1 + (Math.random() * a.luk) /...
  10. Skill Element Dependent on Weapon's

    Oh wow, I don't know how I never realized the normal attack element thing works for that. Thank you. There are some skills which have an element, but I'd still like them to also add the element of the weapon. Is there a function that I can put in the bar that tells it to do "normal attack"...
  11. Skill Element Dependent on Weapon's

    I think this may just be an issue of me not knowing the name of the function I want to call, BUT: I would like to have skills that take the element of the weapon that is equipped by the user. I planned to do this by simply using a bunch of conditionals in the formula bar, but I realized I don't...

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