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    Player Moving/Placing Furniture

    We can do a psudo-drag function for every piece of furniture, this is nothing fancy, nor aesthetic, but it works pretty well. IM SO SORRY THAT THE SCRIPT IS IN SPANISH I DON'T KNOW HOW TO PUT RPG MAKER IN ENGLISH LMAO. It works like this: If: The event can be push, it will be pushed. If not, AND...
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    Player Moving/Placing Furniture

    No prob! Remeber marking "Ignore if not possible" or whatever is called in English. If you don't mark it, would will soft lock the game if you push something into a wall.
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    Player Moving/Placing Furniture

    I think the most simple way to do it is using making every piece of furniture an event, make them "Same as player " and trigger "Player Touch", and make this "Adjust Movement Route> This Event > Away from the player". This makes them kinda like moving rocks in Pokemon, or moving furniture in...
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    I'm actually farting rn, thanks for asking. Don't worry, I'm crying over code issues, pretty...

    I'm actually farting rn, thanks for asking. Don't worry, I'm crying over code issues, pretty normal stuff here ;)
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    Probably crying

    Probably crying
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    Mog Battle Hud: Showing 5 Rows in Party Window

    Hi! Let's go over the bullet points for the short explanation: *Basically, I'm using Mog Battle Hud Plugin and YEP Battle Core Plugin, what I'm looking to do is show 5 options instead of 4. *Mog Battle Hud is only a visual plugin, and only affects "Columns" in 2 instances, in Skill Window and...
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    Version Control/ Manage to collaborate Online.

    Hi everyone! To keep things simple, I wanna know what is the best Version Control tool to work between two people. Now I am studying Computer Science, so I am quite familiar with GitHub and Google Drive. However, I don't know which tool would be better for managing the changes the team would...
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    Multiple Parallax/Layers with independent movement from each other.

    Both are right. Mode 7 is something like I'm looking to, but I still yet to find a way to make parallaxes having different movement rates. I put Octopath as an example, because as you can see in this image, the blurry tree moves very fast because is "near" the camera, I cannot do this in Mode 7...
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    Multiple Parallax/Layers with independent movement from each other.

    Yeah, Mode 7 kinda does it for now, I will test and see if this does the trick, thanks :) Still looking for the part where the "layers" can move at different rates, but maybe I do it :)
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    Multiple Parallax/Layers with independent movement from each other.

    Hi! I will be direct this time since this question maybe is already answer and I haven't still find it, but, I'm working in Parallax maping, using Kaus ultimate overlay plugin, and is something incredible :D But, I was wondering if you can make the layers move diferently in relation to...
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    Item Morph/Item Trade

    Gracias :) I'll test it! Yeah, that's correct, but, the conversion of this daytime items is THE ONLY way you can get nighttime items via buying it in daytime.
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    Item Morph/Item Trade

    Thanks for the help. Again I'm so sorry for not explaining me again. Think is, you sell this "Memories" of the items, that's why I cannot simply morph all items at once. Again sorry for not mentioning this before. Para el chico en español: No puedo cambiar todos los items de una vez, porque...
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    Item Morph/Item Trade

    That's exactly what I can do, the idea behind. I don't what to go into to much detail of the why i want to do this, because is kinda complex, but to put it simple, the battling monsters partoccurs inside of the protagonist dreams, that's why you cannot carry items from outside the dream into...
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    Item Morph/Item Trade

    Hello! This overall is an open question, because I want to read some ideas how to implement this system. For a little of context, my game have a night/day cicle (Similar to persona games) where in day you pick-up items and the history progresses and in the night, you do the actual fighting of...
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    Change a song at X seconds during a Battle

    Maybe, but the think is the battle is desing to be long, maybe 10 mins, so maybe I would actually repeat the song eventually, but if i don't come with another solution, I'll be doing this.

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