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    Tile Set Names difference between them?

    Those are just names to tell you what's inside of them. You could name a Tileset "Forest" if you want to use it exclusively to forests. For the World & Area type, I found this link.
  2. Neareyn

    Conditional Branch for Heavy/Light Armor?

    You could call a common event if the player wears a light armor and use switches or variables for it.
  3. Neareyn

    Nintendo on the PC

    Be carefull with those topics in the forum, since roms and isos are most likely illegal. You can use a capture card to stream your consoles on your pc though.
  4. Neareyn

    Any way to make character spinning while moving.

    Just had a random thought... What if instead of changing the direction, you change the image of the character all the time?
  5. Neareyn

    How do I....create an item that changes into something else after a certain amount of time?

    Instead of waiting 36000 frames, you can create a loop which adds up a variable after a certain time (+1 after every 60 frames) and after a certain value, it removes the egg and adds a baby chicken. the variable won't reset after changing the map.
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    RMMZ Knights of the Burrow

    Hey! I'm Neareyn and I'd like to talk about my current project! First of all: I'm a freelancing artist (mainly webdesign, digital art, music, photography... and some more) and the game I'm working on is for the community of a semi-big streamer that I'm currently working for (~150k followers...
  7. Neareyn

    Any way to make character spinning while moving.

    I think the person wants it to be like a spinning top.
  8. Neareyn

    [RMMZ] Camera glitch when changing maps

    In case you didn't fixed it yet: You can increase the map size to the default one and add black (or transparent) tiles to the borders.
  9. Neareyn

    Why is text in the tex box faded?

    Could it be that the transparent text-box from the common event overlays the text? This wouldn't make any sense since the common event shouldn't started yet, but who knows.
  10. Neareyn

    Random Event-Plugin

    Thank you very much! I will try it out later. Can I use it as a common Event so it works with multiple maps?
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    Random Event-Plugin

    Hey! I plan a feature in my game which allows the player to get a random Item in a dungeon. The item will be collectable from a chest and the player can enter the dungeon multiple times to get more items, but never more than one time. But I couldn't figure out how I can randomize the loot and...
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    RMMZ Get Actor Image via JavaScript / make the image a circle via JavaScript

    I use "allMembers()[0]" since I have multiple characters that are shown in the HUD. .faceName just gives me an error :/
  13. Neareyn

    RMMZ Get Actor Image via JavaScript / make the image a circle via JavaScript

    Hello! I'm currently trying to get an Actor Image via JavaScript and then set a radius so it becomes a circle. I wanna use it inside of HUDMakerUltra. I was able to get the actor class with code but I can't figure out how I can get the actor image with it. if($gameParty.allMembers()[0] !=...
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    Lazi Class Change System

    I have the same issue. Even with the requirements every class gets unlocked when one class gets level 2 for some reason.
  15. Neareyn

    RMMZ Need help with "Lazi_ClassChange"-Plugin

    Hey, I already tried to contact the Plugin Owner with no responds yet (They've been offline in the Forum since december) That's why I'm creating a new topic with the hope to find someone that knows how to work with it. I have problems with the "LearnClasses" Extension, I can't get it to work. I...

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