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  • What would be a script call for changing an actors name? Or even better, copying it from another actor?
    Probably something like this:

    $game_actors[id1].name = $game_actors[id2].name
    Can someone help me? Not worth a Thread. There was a Script a few weeks ago that made it possible to use the message commands like \i[x] in the Database Textboxes. What was the Script again?
    Made SO much progress today. Sadly just Database stuff. So, nothing to actually "see". Doesn't feel rewarding :[
    Epic Battle Fantasy 4 kept me occupied. Finished after 18 hours. Best Flashgame I've played in years.
    Yup, EBF is a great game, I think I cleared it in 15 hours, very good flash game.
    Epic Battle Fantasy 3 has been one of the better RPG games I have played amongst the free ones.
    Freezing my project after two month of no process. Fiddling around with a new project to clear my mind while staying in touch with the Maker Engine :]
    I hate being in the midst of my game and getting like a thousand ideas for a new game x_x
    Don't worry, it happens to the best of us. I've got about 10+ documents in a folder filled with just game ideas and inspirations (pictures and music that set off the creative juices). It's a great idea to have such a thing in case the well runs a little dry, and they always come in handy eventually~
    West Mains
    West Mains
    Write them down. You'll love having those notes when you're hit with a creative block!
    It's better then being in the midst of a game, and having such an amazing idea for the current game that you can't let it go, but the idea requires you redoing basically every event you have written >.<
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I think one of my weirdest realizations is that my speed of game development would probably be about the same if I *didn't* work a full-time manual labor job.
Quick question, what's the best way to capture-er, I mean RECRUIT playtesters? Should I make a project thread and use that?
Node Graph out of Date. Rebuilding...
Does anyone know of any good Discord groups for art or biology discussion, that sort of thing?
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