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  • What would be a script call for changing an actors name? Or even better, copying it from another actor?
    Probably something like this:

    $game_actors[id1].name = $game_actors[id2].name
    Can someone help me? Not worth a Thread. There was a Script a few weeks ago that made it possible to use the message commands like \i[x] in the Database Textboxes. What was the Script again?
    Made SO much progress today. Sadly just Database stuff. So, nothing to actually "see". Doesn't feel rewarding :[
    Epic Battle Fantasy 4 kept me occupied. Finished after 18 hours. Best Flashgame I've played in years.
    Yup, EBF is a great game, I think I cleared it in 15 hours, very good flash game.
    Epic Battle Fantasy 3 has been one of the better RPG games I have played amongst the free ones.
    Freezing my project after two month of no process. Fiddling around with a new project to clear my mind while staying in touch with the Maker Engine :]
    I hate being in the midst of my game and getting like a thousand ideas for a new game x_x
    Don't worry, it happens to the best of us. I've got about 10+ documents in a folder filled with just game ideas and inspirations (pictures and music that set off the creative juices). It's a great idea to have such a thing in case the well runs a little dry, and they always come in handy eventually~
    West Mains
    West Mains
    Write them down. You'll love having those notes when you're hit with a creative block!
    It's better then being in the midst of a game, and having such an amazing idea for the current game that you can't let it go, but the idea requires you redoing basically every event you have written >.<
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Meet my new mascot. He's also a mimic! No prizes for guessing this guy's name, though, haha
I put out a new pack and I swear, I did not realize how it looks like the ones on the right are scared/nervous of the one on the left until way after o_O I just wanted to showcase some of them randomly xD
Well, if anyone has a funny, simple, easy RM game they want me to playtest/review, I would love it.
Someone close to me straight up told me they didn't think my relationship with my girlfriend would last. No lead up, very bluntly. Like it's obvious or something. Trying not to let it get to my head, but it's hard.
The distraction would be a life saver.

My first foray into a plugin that I plan to release. Working on something for those who want to set up a Dragon Quest style battle HUD with minimal fuss. Includes the ability to round the battleback corners to fit your windowskin and, of course, front-view animations.

Do you ever wonder where the heck everyone is going at 9:00 at night? Like... guys, go home! Get some sleep! Me? Oh, I'm out to get pizza 'cause I decided supper time was 9:30 tonight.

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