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    Alpha ABS (MV) [New build 1232]

    yes i saw that already but it doesnt answer my question . but thx anyway. i find the map inventory and visible boxes great. really awesome. but a lot of that seems circumstantial to me and has nothing to do with the actual core of an abs. Love your signagure btw. Zekken. i am really intrested...
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    Alpha ABS (MV) [New build 1232]

    Thank you for this @Pheonix KageDesu. Awesome plugin. I was wondering, is there a complete feature list somewhere for basic and pro especially, that one can read b4 buying? I still consider rmmv a hobby till i finish my first sellable game, heck my first game at all...and would like to spend as...
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    problems loading $gameVariables or parameters...

    Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'value' of null at SF_SkillLvl_v0_6.js:330 line 330: Impo = $gameVariables.value($SfParams("Storage"))||[]; -> my impression is $gameVariables just aren't loaded and i dont know how to preload or however thats called them. ("var Impo;" is defined...
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    problems loading $gameVariables or parameters...

    hi guys. so i got this nice little piece of code thats running quite ok for starters. its supposed to become a skill lvling plugin at some point.i got the parameters set as well. (just change deBugModeOn to true to run it in editor; turn it to false to run ingame) (the problem lies in the false...
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    Skill level names

  6. Nedwal

    Skill level names

    So i spent some time today putting together this list of skill level names. Maybe they are useful to someone. dreadful bad Beginner untrained Amateur inept Dabbler poor Novice Neophyte basic...
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    Rendering shodows/lights arround columsn (or bridges)

    Hi guys. I was really amazed when i first stumbled over Khas advanced lightning, but now i ran into a wall. I am trying to have a huge cave with supporting columns from the ground to the ceiling. and to make the whole place scary enough i use khas lighting. But no matter how hard i try there is...
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    Galv Simple Crop (Numbering Crops)

    i think its like this: EDIT.: DO NOT use rows 3 & 4, as they do not work properly. I think they are only there so the !crops image has the correct 3x4 character format in 2 rows by 4 columns. Took me quite a long time to figure that out, cause it partially works when you use the lower 2 rows...
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    Yanfly Equip Requirements Help/Mod

    using: Hime equip slots core to make multiple eqip slots and armors that can go on multiple slots. Way CustomOnEquipEval to turn switch on or off via notetags yanfly equip core to negate equipping if switch is off I got these tags now: <Equip Requirement> switch: 202 </Equip Requirement>...
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    Event Change Equip

    you may have to switch or add himes equip slots core - he offers the functionalyty to add multiple equipTypes to one equipment item. aka you can make your Fire ring be acceptable for RingSlot1 to RingSlot10 or such.
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    RMMV Breath of the Wild Weather System

    u can get the hud elements with sumrdmdde's hud maker. set a few switches according to your weather or just use the variables and make those the conditions for weather images to show on your hud. i myself am doing a similar thing with weather and date as ffxi. ...and yes, Harbinger, awesome...
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    Spellcasting through Runes like Eldar Farseers

    not a single interested soul?
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    Yanfly Equip Requirements Help/Mod

    sorry but this is not really an option. first, i plan on starting my char off with 0-1 slots slowly increasing them. so i really wouldn't want the player to have gathered 5-10 runes for his 2 slots f.e. and then not be able to equip 8 runes right away cauze they dont fit the slot requirement...
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    Mr. Trivel Crafting System

    Well thx - i got it working so far. <Custom On Equip Eval> $gameVariables.setValue(200, 139); $gameSystem.learnCraftingRecipe(v[200]); $gameSystem.learnCraftingRecipe(v[200]+10001); </Custom On Equip Eval> Now, is there a way instead of setting the variable to a specific ArmorId manually (139...

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