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  • I was working on a project that had me using this low grade drawing tool to make illustrations. Just when I started to get a bit better at making the illustrations with the tool I ditched the project and started a new one... and this one doesn't need me to make illustrations at all... feels like such a wasted effort.
    Improved skill counts, makes it easier and faster to do things next time. Don't delete assets, even if you can't use them it doesn't mean someone else wouldn't be happy for them. I put those sorts of things on OGA.
    I don't know what OGA is. I do need to stop deleting things. I lost my last portfolio to a computer Virus and I really should be refocusing on making a new one.
    Check it out then. :D
    Finish drawing a picture in a way I've never done before : Completely lose interest in drawing the rest of the ones that would belong to the set... this is not a good affliction for game making.... >.<
    And then it suddenly dawned on me. Animal people, you know those antropromorhic atrocities, yes those.... yes, THOSE! That's something I've never done before.
    To be honest, you can be more creative with those than you can with actual humans, simply because you can take animal characteristics, traits, and behaviors; and then mix them with human ones!
    I get lost a lot. Thought of one interesting thing to make, visually. Thought of another, and another, another, another, another... No clue which one to produce first... all so vastly different.
    Finally got my Wacom to work with my new laptop. Silly me, forgot to reset my laptop after installing.
    I still need to find my download CD again/
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Star citizen just announced they will develop a roadmap for their planned roadmap...
And i thought i needed order on my project... :kaoswt2:
Big City Greens had it right:
"Always back up your brain game, that's what I like to say!"
I think I've created a monster.
...and I love it. <3
Today represents my one year anniversary of throwing out the tile map. :LZSexcite: One year ago my game looked like...

And now for those that don't know, it looks like..

What a year, what a year indeed. RIP Tile Map, nobody misses you. :LZSwink:
There is now a demo released for [Beyond the Mirror]! Check the team recruitment thread to learn more!

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