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  1. The official VisuStella notetag help thread

    Sorry to bother you, but would you be able to post the working version publicly? I'm having issues getting a version that behaves correctly as well.
  2. RMMZ Battle Equip plugin doesn't work.

    I'm sure some people will appreciate the efforts made. I wish there was an easier solution for all.
  3. RMMZ Battle Equip plugin doesn't work.

    I greatly appreciate the assist, it now throws a different error Which honestly has me thinking that this just isn't meant to be. I have a common event item that spawns the equip scene without incident, it just has to go last or it does funky things with the turn sequence. As this appears to...
  4. RMMZ Battle Equip plugin doesn't work.

    I honestly really appreciate the help, I was prepared to give up on this. Your time is greatly appreciated.
  5. RMMZ Battle Equip plugin doesn't work.

    Thank you for the patch. In the updates since there is now a problem with Vizu's equipcore, largely doing the same thing (crashing because of the () in the code), I managed to get it partially working, but the scene crashes due to a conflict if you unequip something and it's beyond my level of...
  6. Crucible's Collectibles System

    Here are the images and a screenshot. I believe the issue is that the menu frame is bound to the menusize, but the image is being centered off the screen resolution.
  7. Crucible's Collectibles System

    I'm also having the issue where the image is drawing from the edge instead of the center. I set the images to the correct dimensions. If there was a function to change the anchor point it would help a lot.
  8. DLC Character Edit

    No, you can't make edits to them in the editor, however people have made edits before, so you don't have to! In the "package" section of the Sideview battlers you'll find emote sets.
  9. UFC Tower Defense

    This is looking really solid, and I'm eagerly awaiting the next release.
  10. TF_Billboard.js You can walk around the tile!

    I can't thank you enough for this.

    Thanks for making this plugin, it's going to get a lot of use from me. With regards to the issue around states and bloat, that's a very real problem, and I totally appreciate the technical aspect to it. If I was to propose a solution, it would be to have the priority set in the note tags. eg...
  12. AES_MZ_CustomMp - Customize the "MP" resource on a per-class basis

    Thanks for the plugin. I noticed that it looks like the "After battle recovery" is triggering twice. It seems to do 1 pulse on victory, and then a second pulse when the party returns to the map screen.
  13. Negative's Ever Growing Monster Pack

    Added some not so nice elves to the pack! And one of their two headed dogs and a corrupted elf. Feel free to make requests, I'm just making battlers as my own game needs them!
  14. Negative's Ever Growing Monster Pack

    Some more goons to round out the Evil Empire forces.

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