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  • Working on animations. Kinda hard, but I think it will turn out successfully!
    Anyone knows how to make the screen when playing bigger? Like, full size (1366x768)
    Post under the support thread for the maker you are using. However if you are using anything but MZ changing the resolution will take a plugin (if MV) or a script (if ACE, XP or VX), or it is not possible (if 2000 or 2003).
    Hey there! It's Neko~~
    I have one problem with producing an RPG Game. The main problem of making a game is time, like how long you're making it. My job is to make maps with ready tilesets and characters, but it's also hard to draw your own characters (if you're redrawing them). Is it okay to produce a game like that for that long or not?
    Yeah. Trying to create (or commission) custom tiles and characters and battlers and everything, it will take years to make your game (and probably cost many thousands of dollars as well). RTP is fine for most of it. You can also find ready-made, royalty-free resources on the "Resources" boards on this forum (free), in the shop at this site (paid), and around the internet (usually free).
    A character like this can me designed it 20 minutes and rendered in an hour on a mid size graphics card. I know it breaks tradition but you know, whatever :p


    I wasn't really happy with small original sprites from RPG Maker MV, and I was bored so I tried to redraw the girl. What do you think it?
    Well, I found Paint the easiest way for me to draw, but thanks for advice!~~
    I was thinking the same thing as Avery, Paint must have made that a difficult process...which says a lot about your skill and effort, but something like graphicsgale or asperite might make it easier for you to draw long term. Something to seriously consider..

    Anyway, great job! I love how it turned out!
    It's possible to change language on GraphicsGale.
    Russian language zip at GraphicsGale Translations
    Extract zip and move txt file inside 'lang' folder directory.

    To change language by File > Preferences...
    System tab - box menu to select a language
    Exit out and then start GraphicsGale again

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Day 2 of my redesign journey, as a follow up from the previous post :kaothx:

This is Cedric's son, Apollo!
New pet peeve: Telling tech support personnel what something is doing, only for them to tell me (in excessively condescending tones) what it should be doing. Yes, I know what it should be doing, and if it was doing that, I wouldn’t be talking to you and your attitude problem about it right now, would I? >.<
uglywolf wrote on Khulse's profile.
The rules I makes pun about on your last thread is about "Verify Files" before anything else, if the stuff comes from STEAM. Which means, if it could be fixed with just that, there is no need to redownload the whole stuff.
But glad the reinstall worked, hope you enjoy it and your days too.
uh oh, I just tapped into a fresh, deep vein of nightmare fuel right here guys:

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