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  • The moment I realised I forgot to put the credits into my GameJam project file. And the player start position literally in the wall.
    I'M SORRY, Avery, VisuStella and everyone who I didn't credit. :kaoeh:
    Why do I feel so uncomfortable with that little empty spot there? *proceed to throw a bunch of grass and flowers in*
    BF: Dang girl, ya over-decorating it and wait, doesn't this program cost 70-
    I cracked it (no I didn't)
    Anyways, is there any tips for that? I felt like sometimes I over-decorating the map.
    Been 1 day since I bought RPG Maker MZ, I have read all the tutorial post on the website and watch videos on Youtube. My brain has stopped working, how is this SIMPLE ENOUGH FOR A CHILD? Imma child 2 u no? :kaomad3:
    wat kind of child r they talking about and can I meet them? :kaopride:
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    The Stranger
    The Stranger
    When I first started I had no idea how switches worked. Started off making maps, and then tried making a chest event that ended up giving the player an endless supply of potions. lol.
    Start with the basics, most of these tutorials teach as if you were required to use additional plug-ins with Yanfly or MOG. Learn to create standard things like:
    • basic chest with item or money
    • a boss on the map that vanishes after being defeated
    • switch maps (enter and exit a house or cave)
    • How to configure the database
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    It started from a baby step, adding events, show text, and character movement. And afterward, you started to think of a bigger plan such as how to make a pokemon clone or harvest moon clone. That is where it is NOT going to be SIMPLE enough for a child :p
    I have done it... I bought RPG Maker MZ and BF is asking where da heck did his 70$ go. :aswt: Save me:kaocry:
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I THINK I have a slightly better grasp on drawing my maps now... sorta. I still need to figure out how to draw a city of sorts. I've only got the abstract going so far.
One day, I'll not have this lingering cough and we'll have another make a game stream.
A music I create while practicing E Major scale. :D
Too bad the Boss Battle Build Bout isn't also for VXAce.

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