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    is it possible to make "keys" to unlock certain responses and branching paths?

    This should be possible with a persistent switch that will remember that the player has gone through *that* one path and just add a condition to only show the new option if the switch is ON.
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    Show Message going outside of message area

    So this is weird... I started a new test project to try and replicate the issue but there doesn't appear to be any problems at all with the text going "out of bounds", although I'm not sure why subsequent "Show Message" commands do not go on a new line even though it did in my own project...
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    Dispay Variables all the time *SOLVED

    I think you can also use a parallel common event to make your own if that's what you want:
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    Show Message going outside of message area

    I'm running into an issue where the show message command is going out of bounds of the actual message area that I have set. What I did was: 1. Create a new message area (number 1) 2. Message setting has Auto Erase turned off 3. Start using Show Message command on message area 1 So it took me a...
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    Message text alignment and background image

    Unless I missed some settings, it won't work for what I need to do since I would need to keep repositioning the text for each new message. I was hoping to use show message so that process is automatic but I'll keep that in mind if there are no other solutions. :kaocry:
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    Message text alignment and background image

    Is there any way to set text alignment and possibly add a background image to the text for messages? I'm basically trying to recreate an instant messenger chat look with chat bubbles and left/right alignments for sender and receiver. Or is there possible a plugin to allow the use of HTML codes...
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    How should I advertise my game

    AFAIK, the visibility is only shown to those who have your game on wishlist. You can actually use it without doing any updates, but yeah it’s meant to be used to show potential buyers (those who wishlisted) that you’ve added more new content that might get them to buy.
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    Selling an RMVX Axe game on steam?

    Seconded. Alhough I don’t foresee Steam Direct being replaced anytime soon, it takes months or even years to finish a game and things might change by then. Also, Steam isn’t a magic bullet but at the same time it would be foolish to not put your game on it.
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    OrangeGreenworks - Steam Integration with Achievements and Time Log

    The folder is:\Contents\Resources\app.nw
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    Rules Welcome to the 2017 INDIE GAME MAKER CONTEST!

    I couldn’t work on my entry due to some family health problem, but good luck to those who did manage to complete your game! :kaoblush:
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    Looking for games to LP!

    I saw the video you posted about it. Health comes first! :D
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    OrangeGreenworks - Steam Integration with Achievements and Time Log

    I personally just went with x32, which also runs on 64bit systems.
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    Can a released game be updatable?

    Yeah, would be great if anyone else who has any other experience with this could share what they know. I wonder if it has to do with the different formats used in VX Ace and MV. Did you set up steam cloud? This actually never came up yet, but definitely something to keep in mind. :kaoeh:
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    Can a released game be updatable?

    In my case, I realized during testing that the save files were being replaced by whatever that was uploaded in the build. If I had nothing in the save folder, when someone updated their game all the files in their save folder were gone as well. It basically mirrors the depot. It was only after...
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    Can a released game be updatable?

    To add, this is not exactly an automatic process (referring to the save data). You need to mark the save files as userconfig files so steam does not overwrite it.

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