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    Layout dump!

    Update! second map I uploaded, but finished and in 3 different lighting conditions. The candlelit version has animated candles in-game.     Also, the 3rd map, as a WIP. Looking forward to finding the time to colour it!
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    Layout dump!

    Thanks guys! Here's an update on the interior, need to finalize colouring in 3 different lighting conditions now, heh
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    Layout dump!

    Thanks! I think it'll be worth the effort too...the main problem I'm having is trying to make the walkable area less noticeably grid-like. Scaling is a bit odd too, but I don't think the sprites look -too- out of place....I set up events that change the sprite in areas of bright light and...
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    Layout dump!

    So, I've been getting a feel for VX Ace, and what I can and can't do with tilesets and overlaying event graphics etc... I probably won't have a gameplay demo up for a long long time (not with actual gamey-game play anyway) but I'll likely have a something people can download to explore in a...
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    Hey folks!

    Thanks, guys ^^
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    Global Game Jam: How was yours

    Me! I actually headed straight here because the event juiced me up and I wanted more! I had a really great time! I did most of the 2d art for a small adventure game (here if anybody wants to have a look, I worked on 16 layouts in my 32 hours onsite, so some are pretty terrible :( ) My team...
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    Hey folks!

    Just saying hi! I'd used RPG maker a few years ago and had a blast, so came back for more! I'm a 2D artist for an indie game company, but I do a bunch of other related work on the side too. and that's pretty much it.

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