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  • Wasn't able to visit the internet for a while.
    Meanwhile, I've finally completed 'KotOR II' which I had stopped playing whenever for silly reasons. It's good.
    Currently taking a break from singing... We have a day of three music performances, except that we're also singing in between for random people. :p
    I wish I could work on something RPG Maker right now.
    Time being short, Had to run from the library, now on my phone at Wal-Mart... I wish I had more time to accomplish more of my to do list...
    Rather than doing practically nothing from it.
    Here's a sample of some pixel edits I made.

    Maybe for use as sidewalks.

    Ok, hopefully I can actually get around to posting them in a proper thread, sorry!

    Profile posts shouldn't be used to share assets. If you want to share some assets you created, please create a thread in the appropriate subforum (the resource forum for the appropriate engine). Thank you.

    I'm removing the last part of your post where you list the assets.

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    I hope to be able to post my vxace resource edits this Wednesday.
    Not sure if I'll get to the library though.
    I can't wait for faraway story & numina to be finished... both great RPGs btw.
    I wish I had multiple displays!
    one screen feels like using a small table, and the way i usually do things I have a lot of stuff open ...
    So annoying !
    I'm always changing my mind on what to work on... But it's usually when I realize I'm trying to make something too big.
    I might finally have a project I can finish this time though!
    This happens to me all the time. Go where the motivation is, but work on your main project at least once a day, even if it's only adding a single thing to the database or improving a map.
    @GoodSelf I... I need to follow this advice myself. It hurts to not do my current game, but the motivation is fickle. I want to do this once a day but I keep failing to do a little literally every day. I had momentum for a bit though, and lost it after I gave myself just one day's break. So I think I should just keep at it, overall.
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    Maybe too late to get anything out, but maybe I'm feeling like making a game with snow.
    Lots of snow.
    Someday, I'll need to buy my own RPGmaker and not just get the steam demo of VX Ace.
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I got tired of not having an avatar image. Couldn't think of anything cool. So I'm just using my game's antagonist instead... How original. At least both of our names start with C?
Expectation: Design/dev a game for the game jam | Reality: "These codes suck, why did I do it this way? lemme fix this. Also what if I add feature xyz because... well, I can."
Did my first script call in an event! :kaopride: It's completely useless and just because I thought it'd be cute if looking at clocks in-game made the character say the real-world time, but it's fully functional scripting and I did it all by myself!
Stream will be going live shortly! I will be playing Resident Evil 3 Remake, and then I will be switching to a session of the Interactive Text Adventure! Feel free to drop by!
Spent all day working on something that ultimately has nothing "flashy" to show at the end of it. But that sense of achievement...

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