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  • I wish I had multiple displays!
    one screen feels like using a small table, and the way i usually do things I have a lot of stuff open ...
    So annoying !
    I'm always changing my mind on what to work on... But it's usually when I realize I'm trying to make something too big.
    I might finally have a project I can finish this time though!
    This happens to me all the time. Go where the motivation is, but work on your main project at least once a day, even if it's only adding a single thing to the database or improving a map.
    @GoodSelf I... I need to follow this advice myself. It hurts to not do my current game, but the motivation is fickle. I want to do this once a day but I keep failing to do a little literally every day. I had momentum for a bit though, and lost it after I gave myself just one day's break. So I think I should just keep at it, overall.
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    Maybe too late to get anything out, but maybe I'm feeling like making a game with snow.
    Lots of snow.
    Someday, I'll need to buy my own RPGmaker and not just get the steam demo of VX Ace.
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Unpopular opinion: I always consider my players as my guinea pig for my experiment (my game) :p
Error brain.exe is not responding. Shutdown and run pillow.exe and bed.exe instead?
Not going to lie, now that business is picking up again after the whole pandemic lockdown.... these 50+ hour work weeks are really slowing down game dev work. It's a good thing I have basically no life, else I'd never have time to do this. :kaopride:

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