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  • Currently taking a break from singing... We have a day of three music performances, except that we're also singing in between for random people. :p
    I wish I could work on something RPG Maker right now.
    Time being short, Had to run from the library, now on my phone at Wal-Mart... I wish I had more time to accomplish more of my to do list...
    Rather than doing practically nothing from it.
    Here's a sample of some pixel edits I made.

    Maybe for use as sidewalks.

    Ok, hopefully I can actually get around to posting them in a proper thread, sorry!

    Profile posts shouldn't be used to share assets. If you want to share some assets you created, please create a thread in the appropriate subforum (the resource forum for the appropriate engine). Thank you.

    I'm removing the last part of your post where you list the assets.

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    I hope to be able to post my vxace resource edits this Wednesday.
    Not sure if I'll get to the library though.
    I can't wait for faraway story & numina to be finished... both great RPGs btw.
    I wish I had multiple displays!
    one screen feels like using a small table, and the way i usually do things I have a lot of stuff open ...
    So annoying !
    I'm always changing my mind on what to work on... But it's usually when I realize I'm trying to make something too big.
    I might finally have a project I can finish this time though!
    This happens to me all the time. Go where the motivation is, but work on your main project at least once a day, even if it's only adding a single thing to the database or improving a map.
    @GoodSelf I... I need to follow this advice myself. It hurts to not do my current game, but the motivation is fickle. I want to do this once a day but I keep failing to do a little literally every day. I had momentum for a bit though, and lost it after I gave myself just one day's break. So I think I should just keep at it, overall.
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    Maybe too late to get anything out, but maybe I'm feeling like making a game with snow.
    Lots of snow.
    Someday, I'll need to buy my own RPGmaker and not just get the steam demo of VX Ace.
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Today's my first login since Jan 2020. Time sure flies. Sorry to everyone's messages i missed.
It's satisfying to master the usage of a hard plugin, then making it do what you want. ( o w o)!!
I'll be redesigning some of the main characters from my many wip stories :kaohi:

Starting with the (chronologically) first of them, Cedric!
gotta love when a plugin you thought had nothing to do with why something else wasn't working winds up being the issue...
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