Hello, I'm Neo! I am just your average guy who only cares about making friends, watching anime, and playing video games!

Respect me and I'll respect you. It's that simple.

As of right now I use RPG Maker only as a hobby. Even after all these years of using the software I'm still a noob.

My favorite animals are: Cats and Rats, but I love most if not all animals.

I am also a video game developer and a self proclaimed expert of RPG Maker, and computers. If you need help with those things do not be afraid to ask me~ I do not bite and I do not judge*.

* Some exceptions apply, usually moral and/or based on circumstance (but will try to be fair).


Video Games, Anime, Music, Computers, Video Game Development
Aug 17, 1988 (Age: 32)
Shreveport, LA, United States
First Language
English (US)
Primarily Uses




"Apples to apples, MOTHERTRUCKER!" - Steven Armstrong.

Me: *Looking at Metal Gear EXCELSUS* Woooow, now that is one BIG mothertrucker! XD

Sorry to say but I'm straight outta bananas! Now I have to eat prunes. Oh wait, I'm out of those too. ^.^; Guess it's apples and sausages then.

Click the spoiler for a joke:

Q: Why can't you play cards in the African Savanna?

A: Because of all the CHEETAHS!


If I have been helpful then please give my post a like, it helps my reputation~




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Anyone else having trouble posting in the forum? I have no reply box in posts or in messages. This is the only place I can type. @Archeia?

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