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  • I discovered recently on a trip to the mountains that white noise and a rushing river actually sound pretty similar. I'm not normally very into sound design or anything, but that's definitely something I'm going to exploit at some point in the future.
    Then there's making noises with your mouth (and editing it) It's surprising how realistic it can sound.
    It's been a while since I did things here, but last time I promoted a charity livestreaming campaign I was doing. Thanks to everyone who made it such a glorious success!

    Now I'm finally getting around to fulfilling my promised rewards for that campaign, so feel free to stop on by at
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    The generosity of everyone involved in this campaign has been astounding. Together, we have managed to raise a grand total of $1060 (once matching and service fees are deducted) for diabetes research. Thank you to everyone who so generously participated.

    The campaign will continue until December 31, 2020, to maximize funds for the organisation during their "Matching Gift Challenge".
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I've got good news and bad news. The good news is, there aren't any bad news to report. The bad news is, there aren't any good news to report.

Or as others say, yesterday was uneventful.

I am curious that can you "understand/get the point" about what does this place do generally?
(ARPG game)
If anyone knows any C# programmers, please send them my way.
Chilling at night in a tavern.

After 'multiple breakdowns', it's finally over. 10/10 will do this again.
Ever notice that villains can reform and become better people, but heroes can only ever die... or live long enough to see themselves become villains?

Isn't that interesting?

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