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    Why do people make a good game for free?

    The main reason to release a game for free is to establish trust. If it's the first game anyone's ever seen from you, they have no idea if it's a good game or not, and most people aren't going to be very willing to fork over very much money for something that they have no idea if it's good or...
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    Changing Event Images with Variables

    I don't think I really understand your problem, how you solved it, or how it relates to the topic of this thread exactly, but I'm glad you somehow got it to work!
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    How to avoid getting distracted?

    I have two ways that I keep myself focused: 1. Deadlines and blasting electronica music and/or Bach 2. Accountability from other people (ideally in person, or by livestreaming if you don't have people who are readily accessible). Everybody is of course going to have different methods, but in...
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    It really only matters if it's relevant to you. If you use it, it's relevant enough, and...

    It really only matters if it's relevant to you. If you use it, it's relevant enough, and everyone else is just going to have to deal with it until you decide otherwise. Though you'd probably be better served by VX Ace, which really was meant as a very direct update
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    Changing Event Images with Variables

    This is probably the result of how your character images are organized. I believe the default is to select the middle column in whatever direction you're facing, until you walk. There doesn't seem to be a way to easily select/change which one the three states you're using, so you essentially...
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    I discovered recently on a trip to the mountains that white noise and a rushing river actually...

    I discovered recently on a trip to the mountains that white noise and a rushing river actually sound pretty similar. I'm not normally very into sound design or anything, but that's definitely something I'm going to exploit at some point in the future.
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    RMMV Working Title (Demo)

    I'll check to make sure it's doing that correctly for the future, as it is supposed to do that. I think the turning invisible on the bridge was actually an issue with having some missing images for the bridge puzzle, which should be fixed now, but I'm not 100% sure. If you do try the fixed...
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    RMMV Working Title (Demo)

    I noticed the missing graphics after I posted it, and have now fixed the issue and updated the link accordingly. I sincerely apologize for the inconvenience. It sounds like you've run into some other bugs as well, could you give some specifics? Thank you very much for your feedback.
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    RMMV Working Title (Demo)

    Synopsis You are the young heir to the Duchy of Metheas in the New World. While studying at a prestigious Old World university, your father suddenly takes ill and recalls you to begin taking over his position. To prove your worth, your father tasks you with constructing and growing a port city...
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    RMMV Is there a way to zoom out?

    For one of my levels, I'd like to be able to zoom out to give the player a better sense of scale. Is there a way to achieve this? I did find a bit of code that works well for zooming in, $gameScreen.setZoom(x,y,zoom) However, this script only works for zooming in. When I tried using it to zoom...
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    RMMV Hey kids, don't forget that "=" and "==" are different.

    BONUS TIP: If you're having issues debugging your code, try including some kind of heading with your debug messages, so that it's clear what part of your code you're actually in. Repeating console.log($gameVariables.value(312)) after every single line makes it really difficult to which...
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    RMMV Hey kids, don't forget that "=" and "==" are different.

    If you're just getting into JavaScript, you might start getting fancy with your "Conditional Branches" and start using scripting instead of just the default values. When you do, it's really important to remember that "=" is the assignment operator, while "==" is the equality operator. "==" asks...
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    Tile Size and Doors - Do you need to change them if Character size changes?

    RPGMaker doesn't actually measure how tall the character sprites are, it essentially treats all characters like a zero-dimensional point in space, and then puts the sprite on top of that point. As far as the computer is concerned, the character is only the point. This is true for both doors and...
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    RMMZ pour placer les plugins VizuMZ

    I'm sorry, my French is pretty terrible (thank heavens for Google translate), but I'll try to help you anyhow as best I can. I think the official or semi-official language of these forums is technically English, so you'll unfortunately probably have better luck getting responses if you try to...
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    RMMV Is it possible to create new global variables?

    As @frogs_r_cool said, the thing I'm specifically using this for isn't actually related to weapons. It's actually a bridge-building puzzle (hence why some of the early screenshots included stuff like "pieceBudget" and "$bridgePieces" and the like). The weapons was using the example to keep...

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