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    RM MV Pokecenter / Healing Center

    Whats your thoughts of something similar to Bio Shock where you respawn by certain respawn points spread out throughout the game? That plugin you mentioned is it compatible with the current version MV 1.61?
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    Linux Support?

    We should try to send Kadokawa feedback on Linux support. So much potential with Linux it would be foolish to ignore. Like example the rise of SBC's such as the Raspberry Pi 4 I would love to have my games play on those Linux ARM OS's. IF RPG Maker doesnt work out for you, you can check out...
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    Creating a weapon "experience" system

    Have you ever played Final Fantasy Tactics Advance? Your concept reminded me of that.
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    Gamepad Support Logitech F310

    It helps. I know there is a plugin that allows you to add keys to bring up the map, item, equipment menu but since I only was able to kinda glance at it, I'm not sure if I can be able to use it for both keyboard and gamepad. I would like to have it as a option for gamers who prefer a gamepad...
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    Gamepad Support Logitech F310

    Most people recommended the Xbox controller but I see that the Logitech F310 is actually pretty good and inexpensive. I used it out of the box on emulation as well on various platforms with no problems either. It has a toggle for Xinput and Dinput. My question is if one is going to have support...
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    Best Screen Resolution

    Interesting topic, I recently got into MV and was wondering the same thing on resolution since 4k has been new standard. Even smartphones have pushed past Full HD. I remeber trying a older RPG maker game and it not scaling right and looking ugly and scaled out of frame.
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    Linux Game deployment

    There was no loading screen, and for the options I did not use encryption ,no unused file exclusion or any extra plugins. I have heard you don't need wine to launch these MV games because of the deployment option. The other distro I have on hand on a separate device is Elementary OS which I have...
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    Suggestion Linux Support

    Ive been looking into RPG Makers and I really hope they stop ignoring Linux because its a underrated and much bigger and stronger community than what it is given credit for. If a a FOSS program such as the Godot game engine can offer support on other platforms, Linux, Mac, Windows, Android, iOS...
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    Copyright infringement warning

    Copyright has been abused by people as a form of ransom which youtubers are familiar with. If you need a VPN why not look into Proton Mail's ProtonVPN. Security and privacy is concerning which is why I am a avid Linux user. Oh and look into a macchanger which helps as well for further privacy...
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    Linux Game deployment

    Has anyone had an issue with deployment of games on Linux? I was using a trial version of MV for Windows to deploy a game and launching the game on the current Linux Mint 20.1 Cinnamon edition with no luck of the game working. Yes I did make it a executable under properties and that still did...
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    Export to Linux

    I tried exporting to linux and launching the game on Linux Mint 20.1 and for some reason its not launching despite trying it as a game executable. RPG Maker needs to take Linux support more seriously.
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    Linux Support When?

    Ive been able to get a trial version of RPG Maker MV windows version run via Wine on Linux Mint 20.1 but the annoying part is the small resolution on a 4k monitor. I would very much like to see actual stand alone linux support in the future. If not there is a free and open source Godot game...

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