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  1. [ACE]Parallel process events that move and also hurt you? I need help!

    good news and bad news. I've got it working but it also doesn't work? it only damages me when I move backward.
  2. [ACE]Parallel process events that move and also hurt you? I need help!

    thats not necessarily telling me what im asking. if anything i'd want a tutorial on how to make moving events hurt you on contact. since thats exactly what ive been looking for. this user asked a similar question but im still stumped on how they solved the problem. heres a video of the game btw...
  3. [ACE]Parallel process events that move and also hurt you? I need help!

    I've looked and asked just about everywhere for help on this and its starting to get a bit frustrating. please understand that I'm fairly new to RPG maker and need extensive detailed explanations that I can understand. I'm making an endless runner type of game and need an event to: move at...
  4. Map Effects

    I really need help! when using the zoom in black bars appear on the sides of the screen. how do i get rid of them??? I found that opening the menu makes it go away?

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