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    POP! Freebies

    Thank you for this set Hospital. He is really magnificent.  The next one will be maybe a police station?
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    why ? 

    why ? 
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    POP! Preview

    Hello, I am a fan of your graphic style and I shall like knowing if a next pack of Tiles is soon planned.  I shall so much wish to have Tiles in the universe of the prison, fireman's barracks or still hospital to go with your packs of characters.  Thank you for your work.
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    Product Updates!

    Thank you for this fast answer.
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    Product Updates!

    Is there a date of planned for the versions under Steam?
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    ~ Ækashics Librarium ~ | Animated & Static Battlers |

    Still of the very good work. I like particularly colors by default of your works, a little less that secondary color for Ritz and Regulus (I would have preferred to have a version of Regulus with the color by default of Ritz and overturned). Concerning Clorfos, I do not see his pose of death? Is...
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    ~ Ækashics Librarium ~ | Animated & Static Battlers |

    Naturally all my contributions are free. I used sprites of base MV to reach there. Sprite is free for non-commercial and commercial use following standard RTP terms of use for any RPG maker edits. No personal credit necessary
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    Base sprites emotes and animations

    Nice.  Thanks for your work. 
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    POP! Freebies

    Superb ! Thanks for the freebies
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    ~ Ækashics Librarium ~ | Animated & Static Battlers |

    @Ækashics, I worked again on the minotaur whom I had realized, he's now available here without the chain around the neck. have of it to take advantage to realize a dressed version by trying to stick on the most ready of the...
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    whtdragon's animals and running horses- now with more dragons!

    Your realizations are at the top.  Very good work.  And bravo for Wyverns, I like them.  Thank you for making so beautiful things.
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    ~ Ækashics Librarium ~ | Animated & Static Battlers |

    I'm sorry Sharm.  The animation of plant comes from the site She comes from the game  Secret of Evermore.
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    ~ Ækashics Librarium ~ | Animated & Static Battlers |

    An animation of plant as this one, it is true that it would be top [Removed]

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