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  1. [QUESTION] How to make a good and interesting game?

    Thanks for everything so far guys! It has helped, and I have now finished 3/4 of my game. So far, going well. Only stuck on the boss battle now :) -ngzfirlo67
  2. Manifest - A complete 30 hour RPG, 4 years in the making

    This game is FANTASTIC! Congratulations on your first, and, so far BEST game you have made (it can only be the best bad :) ), but I do have only one thing in mind: make the maps a little bit smaller. It would help newcomers, like me, to enjoy the full power of RM. But still...
  3. [QUESTION] Is there any guide that will assist me and a whole bunch of other new players at making a

    Hey guys!  I'm fairly new to RPG Maker VX ACE and was wondering if there was any guide out there which could help me in making a good and interesting game. I was also wondering if there were any official RM tutorials out there. Please help, as I want to be like you guys, who know everything of...
  4. [QUESTION] How to make a good and interesting game?

    Good point there! I think I want to introduce a new kind of storyline, targeted at all audiences. This may be a very very, very dumb question but what are gimmicks again?
  5. [QUESTION] How to make a good and interesting game?

    Help with characters and the story. I kind of have a b rief idea, but I don't think it will work out very well
  6. [QUESTION] How to make a good and interesting game?

    I am used to the editor.
  7. Thoughts on using Sample Maps [VX Ace]

    I usually use them more of as a template, then I go onto editing them to make them look the way I want to. I have trouble mapping as well, and rely on the sample maps to give me a base on what the map should look like. Hope that helped! -ngzfirlo67
  8. [QUESTION] How to make a good and interesting game?

    Hi guys,  I am fairly new to RPG Maker (I usually use VX ACE), and was wondering if some "veteran" could help me in making a good and interesting game? I have some knowledge about events, switches, etc. Please post any ideas and/or tutorials that could help me and hopefully a lot of other...
  9. Modern and Futuristic Battlers (RTP style)

    You can search the internet for some tiles. People are constantly making them. If you still can't find anything, check out the products tab under the "RPG MAKER" logo on this site. Glad if I could help! -ngzfirlo67

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by now, I think most people know that I hate misanthropic bad guys, but I realize one more reason I hate them so much is because the motive is easy and takes no thought to come up with. It's actually more challenging to create a villain that doesn't have that motive.
If the VisuStella videos are using the MZ RTP tilesets... I'm really disappointed. MV's look so much better. I hope it's easy to convert MV tiles to MZ.
If this thing end to be good enough, I'll be pleased to release it there for free (looong to be completed...).
And back. Trying to work online with no internet for 1.5 days was...interesting. I felt like a character in a old Sierra game trying to find internet due to all the hoops I had to jump through just to get online for work.
grief... if MV didn't have certain plugins already, I think I'd upgrade to MZ. seeing like 10 MV plugins in 1 MZ one is hilariously convenient lol.

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