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    Alpha ABS (MV) [New cool DEMO, build 1242]

    This looks fantastic! I can't wait.
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    Game & Map Screenshots 8

    @Fudge That it is! There were going to be quite a few NPCs inside the room, I just haven't had the chance to put all of their character sprites together. I don't want this map, or my future maps to look empty, but sometimes it looks so repetitive. I'm thinking maybe smaller maps with around the...
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    Game & Map Screenshots 8

    Finished my first parallax map about an hour ago can you tell i don't know what i'm doing Took me all night, but I'm pretty darn proud of it. Feedback would most certainly be appreciated. 
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    @NeoFantasy Right back at you!  :D
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    Well, I've been lurking around here for so many years I might as well jump on the train, right? I go by Catherine, but my friends call me nicely as it's been my online handle since I can remember. I'm native american/slovak, disabled: so I don't get out of the house much, been married for...

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Trying to get the mechanics down for a cute, story-driven board game! I think I've accomplished dice movement, item effects, and activating a space's event when you land on it. Art is WIP. Hope to open a thread about the game soon!

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