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  1. Crossover Fighter Card Collecting

    Bump! Read the updates above and get the unfinished demo!
  2. Actor's level reset to 1 by condition (DIFFICULT SCRIPT PROBLEM)

    But I need to know where to add it into this script It doesnt help with the "Stat Distribution" script i'm using The only sure fire way I've found so far that works through eventing is that when the actor is added to party the "Initialize" works perfectly that Andar suggested, so basically I...
  3. Actor's level reset to 1 by condition (DIFFICULT SCRIPT PROBLEM)

    That wouldn't help the level needs to be descreased to 1 not by 1, and also I'm trying to stay away from parallel processes, I use very detailed attack animations and it causes lag
  4. Actor's level reset to 1 by condition (DIFFICULT SCRIPT PROBLEM)

    well the only time an actor is added is through the script that I've provided, what your saying would only be done through eventing, in theory that would work well, but I need to know how to "initialize" through the script
  5. Actor's level reset to 1 by condition (DIFFICULT SCRIPT PROBLEM)

    So ok I have kind of a mess on my hands this time, I have this script, What it does is when a specified Item is added or removed an actor is removed or added as well, what I need done is that when an actor is removed, his Level is set back to 1, BUT here is the curve ball, I am using TDS Stat...
  6. Random Enemies in each Troop

    It would only be in certain areas, no rush on it just whenever you happen to be in front of ace I have other things in my game to work on for now :)
  7. Random Enemies in each Troop

    So I know random enemy encounters is obviously an easy task, but in my case i have about 12 different enemies that I want to appear randomly in troops of 3 but I cant find any way other than putting each individual possible combination of enemies into troops, which is VERY time and data...
  8. Battle Test, Error??? Cache module line 88?

    My thought is that because when you battle test they give you 99 of every battle item, that caused some confusion, the items I'm using this feature for were also put at menu only, so that should further remedy the problem
  9. Battle Test, Error??? Cache module line 88?

    My mistake, It's this one
  10. Battle Test, Error??? Cache module line 88?

    Ok FINALLY fixed it as far as I can tell, If you look at the script I used, The section at the top where you set the item ID and the Actor ID , I had some of the numbers reversed, Example: [4, 21] should have been [21, 4]. Now for whatever reason when I corrected that, It corrected the problem...
  11. Battle Test, Error??? Cache module line 88?

    No problems at all during gameplay only battle test strangely, and yeah I save after making script changes I'm going to try putting this script in an old game I've made to narrow it down of it's something just on this project and I'll edit to update how that goes And just curious, what are...
  12. Battle Test, Error??? Cache module line 88?

    Misunderstanding I meant when I deleted that script It fixed the problem, Anyways this issue is really bizarre, I cant at all find out why this is happening so I came up with a way to event the same effect with parallel processing, So I suppose you could lock this thread and call this...
  13. Battle Test, Error??? Cache module line 88?

    oh ok got it so I did what you did and this time I was able to find that when I deleted this script (used for making items add actors to party) it fixed the problem, is anyone able to edit this?? Script Source:
  14. Battle Test, Error??? Cache module line 88?

    So my game works fine, anything but the battle tester works fine, and I didnt do anything to effect one minute it was fine, and the next I recieved Script 'Cache' line 88 :NoMethodError occured Undefined method `empty?' for nil:NilClass Now im more of a designer than a programmer so the...

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