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    Season Pass DLC4: Kids Released

    Will this go on sale in the Degica store?
  2. nightdragon

    Alpha ABS 1.2. (Pre Release)

    This is a battle system I'm waiting for, A AI with party members.   Awesome  :D  .  Will the enemies respawn?   When you add party members can you change party leader during battle?  Will they be able to heal and revive each other plus the player during battle? 
  3. nightdragon

    Parallax Issue

    oh, okay. Thanks.
  4. nightdragon

    Parallax Issue

    How do I fix this? This never happened before. I made a 77 x 33 image all parallaxed. When I placed the player start and test play, the character is not in the same location. I know you put a ! in front of the file name for rpgmaker MV. That doesn't work for Ace.
  5. nightdragon

    RPG Maker MV Version 1.1 Update + Changelog!

    I like the extra generator parts! Nice job!  :D  
  6. nightdragon

    TamFey's Timed Button Attacks

    Will this work in a front view battle system?
  7. nightdragon

    Camera Control Plugin by Tyruswoo

    Cool, didn't know that. Thanks for the tutorial. I'll check it out.
  8. nightdragon

    Chalkdust Action Battle System

    Will the MV version include party members AI?
  9. nightdragon

    battle camera for front view battle system

    I saw that one but I didn't think that one was for front view. I'll try it and see.
  10. nightdragon

    battle camera for front view battle system

    I'm looking for a battle camera pluggin that's compatible for a front view battle system. where you can change the camera position/view/ or zoom battlers. Thanks
  11. nightdragon

    Camera Control Plugin by Tyruswoo

    I would like zoom as well.
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    Medieval Tiles (MV - In Progress)

    You have talent. These are beautiful.  :)    Will these come with a character generator other than humans, such as elves, orcs, reptiles, demi humans, beast-like characters? I could use other races in my game. 
  13. nightdragon

    Ability System

    Andar's, Hime's, and Evgenij's script converted to JS would be nice.
  14. nightdragon

    Gameus' Quest System

    Sweet!  :D   Take your time. 

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