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    Free Background Music by NightHerald!

    Added four more songs :)
  2. NightHerald

    Free Background Music by NightHerald!

    Hello all! I've been rather inactive on the game making front, but I've started making my own music and I'm here to share with all of you! :D As I am still relatively new to the world of music, I would greatly appreciate it if you told me what you think of the songs - what you like and what...
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    Royalty-Free Music Corner - High-Quality Music for your Games

    All your music is awesome! Thank you for sharing!
  4. NightHerald

    DAN's Audio Assets

    I like your music, thanks for sharing! :D
  5. NightHerald

    Ayene's Tiles

    A lot of fancy stuff you've got here. They all seem to have more detail than you see in other tilesets. Thank you so much for making all these! <3<3<3
  6. NightHerald

    Non-White NPC Sprites & Faces

    @tomkomaster I'm actually in the process of drawing faces for some of the edits. I just posted edits of the People 1 faces and characters. I also do requests, so if you have something specific in mind, just ask me :)  
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    Non-White NPC Sprites & Faces

    Added another sprite sheet for guys~
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    Help with Day/night Cycle

    Please help  :( I'm making a night/day cycle with pictures for extra lighting and I'm having trouble getting the pictures to show up right away after you exit a house. I figured the problem was because if you go out between the numbers I set for the day periods (1 hour = day, 6 hours =...
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    Getting a Parallel Process Event To Stop Repeating

    @Shaz Thank youuu! ;_; I knew there had to be a simpler way to that. I didn't even check out the move picture command -_- I should really look at all the commands and see what they all do before trying to do something like this...
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    Getting a Parallel Process Event To Stop Repeating

    @ksjp17 @Dad3353 Thank you both so much! It works perfectly!
  11. NightHerald

    Getting a Parallel Process Event To Stop Repeating

    @XxXhelazz  No, turning the switch off doesn't do anything... Thanks for answering though.
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    Getting a Parallel Process Event To Stop Repeating

    I'm trying to create a day/night cycle that uses pictures to add extra lighting effects. The change between pictures was too abrupt, so I added a parallel process event with many pictures at different opacities to create a smoother transition. But the transition repeats over and over again. I...
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    BustedEd's Tips 'n Tricks - Last Version

    This is amazing and I thank you for all the work you put into making these little tricks and making the demo for us :D
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    MP Regeneration While Walking

    @Wavelength It works perfectly! Thank you!
  15. NightHerald

    MP Regeneration While Walking

    @nakina Oh my god... I only used one wait command  and a change MP command and I got it working perfectly.  I just made a parallel process event that creates a night/day cycle yesterday. What is wrong with my brain??? -_- Thank you for mentioning the timer, it jogged my memory :)  (Also, the...

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