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    Flare Collection - Play Music on Region Touch

    This is an interesting idea for a plugin, it would make world maps with radically different areas have more character if each continent had its own background music, or something like that. But one question: Does this mean that stepping onto and standing on region 20 would cause the music to...
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    Terrax Lighting system

    This is a really cool plugin. Great for setting atmosphere. Might I suggest another feature for a future update? I think it would be cool to be able to disable the darkness with a plugin command. Like if you wanted a dark room but could turn on a light switch? I don't know if that's possible...
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    Ammunition System & Add-on (Crafting System)

    Do you think you could upload the .js file and post it instead of dropping the code in a spoiler? I'm not sure the code copied properly from my copy and pasting it from the forum and I would love to try this put, it sounds like a very useful plugin. :)
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    This is an excellent plugin, but I've got a bug to report I'm afraid. I get an error when I use the erase event option. I tested this in a new project with nothing but this plugin. Here's a screenshot of the error...

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