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  • NOW its working properly for some reason when ever i tell MV to decompile the game folder. it leaves out important images >< sorry for that everyone
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    oooooh : O i never thought of that. thank you shaz and yes i ment compile. also i took out a vehicle image that i dont need and and wasn't using and for some reason the game said i needed it to run Oo whats that about
    All vehicle images that you set in your database are loaded at the start of the game.  If you're not using a vehicle, you need to go into the System tab and set its image to (none).

    You should post in the forum for further help - status feed isn't the place.
    its fine. you helped me out i got other problems i really do need help with >< ill try the board
    I have a big idea for a platform game for MV but i don't think i can do this alone =.=
    I had one too come to me this week! Maybe those ideas are aflowing?
    maybe :) basically what i want to do is a ABS using the battle graphics from the generator to make the animated enemies and the main hero D:
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Got the scam again this morning... Maybe a tirade will work better.
Anyway, I'm taking off for Orlando tomorrow. My train leaves at 1:27 and the Wi-Fi on the train is TERRIBLE. Of course, I can't wait to see Dad. I haven't seen him since PTSD treatment. Maybe he'll take me to Aquatica after Halloween!
grief... when ONE plugin is causing a range of issues lol. but then you realize it's the only plugin of it's kind and you don't have a replacement for it lol. oof
the "Run and Hydlide" Update is now live for my game "A Postmortem Nation"

I'll be back soon, reality is trying to capture me but I'm faster!
Mother-in-laws....(eye roll)

Was playing a little Stardew Valley, (haven't in ages) and she comes around and asks, 'oh, whatever happened to those pixel art you were suppose to be doing, pretending you were going to be selling... to nobody.'

Good morning to you too. Ugh.

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