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    RMMV Display Current BGM on map HUD

    Nevermind, I found an alternative way to get the effect I want. This thread can be closed.
  2. NikkiKaji

    RMMV Display Current BGM on map HUD

    Hi, I was wondering if anyone would be able to make an extension that allows me to display the current BGM on the map? I want it to be a part of the HUD, similar to how the Danganronpa games do it (it's displayed in the top left corner): I would also need it to be able to be triggered by a...
  3. NikkiKaji

    Mimosa Mouse Cursor MV - Version 1.4.0

    Hello there! I was wondering if there was a way to update the mouse cursor change censor on an event if the event lands on top of the mouse? I'm trying to make a minigame where the mouse cursor will most likely be set over the hitbox of the event, and the event will fall onto it. I noticed that...
  4. NikkiKaji

    RMMV Parallel Quick Time Event

    Hello, I'm looking for a QTE plugin for my game, where you have to input buttons in a certain sequence in order to break free from an enemy before your health depletes to 0, or before an enemy catches you on the map. I originally wanted to use this plugin, but the problem is that all events in...
  5. NikkiKaji

    DreamX_ITB and State Restrictions

    Plugin: There seems to be an issue with this plugin and using state restrictions like "attack an enemy" or "attack an ally". Instead, it completely skips the affected actor's turn. I don't think it's a compatibility...
  6. NikkiKaji

    Remove Party Command Entirely Plugin

    I get this error no matter where I place the plugin in the plugin list. Also, I'm looking for something to remove the party command entirely. Yanfly's Battle Core already skips the party command, but I need it to be inaccessible.
  7. NikkiKaji

    Remove Party Command Entirely Plugin

    I'm basically looking for a plugin that doesn't allow the player to press X and bring up the party commands (escape, battle, etc). I tried the plugin here, but it's incompatible with Dream X's ITB system. When it's the player's turn, they end up getting infinite chances to escape. I tried...
  8. NikkiKaji

    Patch That Allows Javahut_AudioManager To Play the Same SE on Different Events

    Plugin in Question: I know that this plugin was abandoned a while back, but so far it's the only ambient audio plugin I've come across with both reverb and the panning effect for events. Other...
  9. NikkiKaji

    State Icons Are Displaying Underneath Dragonbones Enemies

    Omg thank you for suggesting the demo project. I completely forgot that akashics put sample project downloads when you support their *******. I went and downloaded their sample project and copied all of the plugins that they used. Turns out, yanfly's animated sideview battler actually fixes the...
  10. NikkiKaji

    State Icons Are Displaying Underneath Dragonbones Enemies

    Nope. The dragonbones battler actually has a static battle sprite the same size as it and I used that one, but for testing purposes I switched it to something bigger and got the same result.
  11. NikkiKaji

    State Icons Are Displaying Underneath Dragonbones Enemies

    When I tested this, the dragonbone battler already had a sprite. Is there possibly a way to just set an offset for the state sprite location? Or another fix in general?
  12. NikkiKaji

    State Icons Are Displaying Underneath Dragonbones Enemies

    Plugins: Yanfly Buffs & States Core, KELYEP_Dragonbones Well...I guess this is kinda self explanatory with the title. The state overlay is displaying just fine, but the actual state icon (in this case, the frozen state) is showing up beneath the dragonbones enemy. On normal, non-dragonbones...
  13. NikkiKaji

    OcRam - Lights plugin (for MV)

    Hey, OcRam! I think I found a bug possibly? When I set a lighting effect to a terrain tag, transferring to a new map carries over the lighting effects of the tagged terrain from the previous map. It does this for every map I transfer to, and never resets the lighting. I disabled all of my map...
  14. NikkiKaji

    Creating a Counterattack Item

    Ive never tried using counter control before. Do you have any idea how it could be done for a consumable item to give the counter ability?
  15. NikkiKaji

    Creating a Counterattack Item

    When I use the item on myself, Deselect Effect runs, followed by conclude effect. When the enemy attacks, select effect runs, followed by deselect effect. That’s after I removed the counter effect.

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