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  1. [RMXP] Some very noob questions

    Thank you so much!! These will help for sure :D I'll tinker a bit more with the program meanwhile :)
  2. [RMXP] Some very noob questions

    Hello! I've been messing around with RPG makers for a few years but i never made a complete project. I've settled with using RMXP and I have a few questions as there's a lot of things I cannot do there without scripting and info about this version is kinda scarce since people use VX instead ^^'...

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I work late on the game so I sleep in then I wake up late so I have to work hard to make up for sleeping in meaning I work late again and sleep in again... what a nasty cycle.
I just had my first real fire. Dad made burgers for lunch and the grill caught fire. He tried to get water but I told him you should never put water on a grease fire. So I got him the fire extinguisher under the sink and we managed to put it out. I can still smell a little of the smoke coming from the patio, but at least it's clearing. It sure was scary though.
was rendering a video and window decided to bsod on me :D fun

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