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    Books: Do you really bother to read them?

    I don't read book (unless it's was puzzle or tutorial.) Reading book in game. it's giving me feeling like ehhhh blah blah not again. I mostly don't into game story much. (mostly horror/JRPG/MMO games) but I do love reading books. In real life.
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    What are keys to a successful game?

    Key to success is everywhere. (if you know where is it.) First Key, Did you enjoy your game? This is the first step to make success game. because if you don't enjoy your game. There is no point to make it. even your game is good. (unless you just want money.) Second Key, Share to your...
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    What are Your favorite Game Soundtracks?

    Ok, Here my favorites tracks from my favorites game. breath of fire 5. so first 5 second, I've listen to this song. I am into it. very quickly I know. so many people hate this game. but I found out this game ost is kinda amazing. here is my favorites another one. soundtrack is filled with...
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    Did the very first thing you started making turn into a game?

    First thing I did when I after creating RPG Maker XP games. was finding a script tab. once again I did finding out how it work and how it does. and again I start editing scripting was possible fun. then after that I am gonna add sprites/BGM later.
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    [XP] Looking for Zoom formula/calulater

    recently I just post a test video on my profile ,but the issue I found is zooming everytime is zooming all of my actor & enemy getting big but the problem is my actor/enemy is getting big on center. I would like to do a zoom focus on one not all. here is a example video:
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    [MEDIA] test

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    The RPG Maker Meme Thread

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