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  1. RMVXA Legends of an Otherworld [FFX-like, high difficulty]

    There are close to 300 different enemies (including bosses) in the game. Of that, the number who exhibit the behaviour you're claiming is "typical", is in the mid single digits. It's the gimmick of the Blob enemies, not a typical behaviour of all enemies in the game. You also don't get access...
  2. Request: Non-blurry fullscreen.

    Hold up a second here - I'm sure I remember RPG Maker XP having a higher resolution than VX and VXA?
  3. Request: Non-blurry fullscreen.

    If I'm not mistaken, fullscreen RMVXA games actually change the screen resolution, and from there, the user's hardware is responsible for upscaling. RMVXA's engine itself can go a little bit higher than the default resolution, but not much. It's probably not possible. There is an open-source...
  4. RMVXA Legends of an Otherworld [FFX-like, high difficulty]

    Lunaris uses Possess as a counterattack, so if you want him to possess Vince, have Vince attack Lunaris (while no one else is already possessed, as he can only possess one character at a time). If it's his Zanmato attack that's getting you, it does physical damage equal to your max HP, no...
  5. RMVXA Legends of an Otherworld [FFX-like, high difficulty]

    When you're viewing an enemy's scan info, don't forget you can press Shift (or gamepad equivalent) to view its status vulnerabilities. In this case, First Weapon is vulnerable to Silence, Zombie (but not Regen), Weaken and Meltdown. Having Zombie on your party will protect you from First...
  6. RMVXA Legends of an Otherworld [FFX-like, high difficulty]

    Nuisancer has a 1/3 chance of dropping a Ribbon. Obliviator has a 1/2 chance of dropping a Vaccine. The two items both give the Immunize status. The difference is that whereas Vaccine just gives you it once (and unlike some statuses, Immunize wears off after several turns), Ribbon essentially...
  7. RMVXA Legends of an Otherworld [FFX-like, high difficulty]

    Similar, but not the same. Corelock is immune to a few statuses that Protolock isn't, most notably Weaken and Meltdown. The core has 200k HP, the arms have 125k each, and the pods have 75k each. All parts are weak to Lightning and take normal damage from all other elements. All parts are...
  8. RMVXA Legends of an Otherworld [FFX-like, high difficulty]

    Well done! Just for the record - it's impossible to end up with a save file that's past the point of no return (you can't save once you're past it), so feel free to save your game at any point, you don't have to worry about not being able to go back. On a side note, IIRC you can also do those...
  9. RMVXA Legends of an Otherworld [FFX-like, high difficulty]

    Not at my PC at the moment, so can't check vulnerabilities, but Virus or Zombie if he's vulnerable (although IIRC he's immune to all statuses). Otherwise, use things like Haste and buffs to increase your Damage output.
  10. RMVXA Legends of an Otherworld [FFX-like, high difficulty]

    Oh wow, you should definitely utilize Vince more. ;) Anyway yeah, Lv99 (or close to it) is intended for this point.
  11. RMVXA Legends of an Otherworld [FFX-like, high difficulty]

    The first digit indicates which crystal (I don't recall if it's from the left or from the right, but knowing me it's more likely to be from the left). The second digit is how many times you have to touch the crystal.
  12. RMVXA Legends of an Otherworld [FFX-like, high difficulty]

    Just wondering, what level are your characters currently at?
  13. RMVXA Legends of an Otherworld [FFX-like, high difficulty]

    There's several places you can get it. One option is to drop-farm Turbo Boosts (Boringgus, encountered in the area you're currently in, drops them 20% of the time), which you can swap ten of for an Auto-Haste from a guy in Sysona. Once you've defeated these guys, you can also acquire 10 Turbo...
  14. RMVXA Legends of an Otherworld [FFX-like, high difficulty]

    She's also vulnerable to Silence and Slow. He's vulnerable to Darkness and Slow. If I remember correctly, they have the ability to heal these, but it still can help.
  15. RMVXA Legends of an Otherworld [FFX-like, high difficulty]

    Yes. If Full-Cure is making that difficult to acheive, Virus is a good way to counteract it - IIRC, she's smart enough to not even try to use Full-Cure when under Virus, but that still achieves the desired goal of preventing healing (she just doesn't waste turns trying to do so anyway).

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