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  • Woo. Gonna be getting back to not procrastinating and working on Chrondania hopefully tomorrow. YAY......
    "tomorrow" that word is the first cause of procrastination xD!

    Hi guys. I wasn't sure exactly where to post these other than here but here's the first maps I ever made entirely myself on RPG Maker MV. I'm just looking for some feedback on them



    Cylakl Village

    Cylakl Forest (Dungeon 1st Floor)

    Cylakl Forest (Dungeon 2nd Floor)

    Cylakl Forest (Dungeon 3rd Floor)

    Cylakl Forest (Dungeon 4th Floor)

    Cylakl Forest (Dungeon 5th Floor)


    I'll probably work on the details a little more in the future but for now, I need to focus a little more on the events and cutscenes of the 1st area (Cylakl Village)


    Any feedback to make them a bit better? and sorry if I'm not getting the spoiler tags to work correctly. I'm new to the HTML part of posts.

    Oh. Thanks didn't know that was a thing.
    Very good for a first effort!  You make good use of color and texture, and avoid a lot of mistakes that novice mappers often make.

    As far as things to improve:

    • The forest looks too "organized" to be a natural area.  Everything is placed too uniformly, too consistently.  Place a lot of shrubs, flowers, etc. near each other, and also have areas where they are very sparse.
    • The Treetop Autotiles that you are using don't look good when they are only one tile thick.  Consider making your patterns a little less complex so that you can afford to make the treetops thicker.
    • The entire dungeon lacks interesting landmarks or eye-catching features.  It will be relatively easy to get lost in your dungeon as a result.  A really large, watery central area on the second floor of the dungeon, for instance, would serve as a nice reference point.

    As you get more experienced in creating maps, you'll start to work with things like multiple levels of depth, and mixing tiles from different sets to create really dynamic-looking places.
    Okay thanks!
    Looking for some feedback on some of the state icons I made using Yanfly's Icon Generator.

                Blind                         Death                    Paralyzed                 Confused                     Poison

    View attachment 44325View attachment 44327View attachment 44328View attachment 44326View attachment 44329

               Rage                        Silence                      Sleep

    View attachment 44330View attachment 44331View attachment 44332
    The outer ring is not really matching the color scheme of the inside picture (looks like it clashing imo).

    Blind looks the best (nothing to complain about there for me), then Death and poison (although the skull doesn't look that great).

    Then rage,

    Then Confused,

    Then silence (the icon doesn't match anything and looks awful at matching the other ones) and then sleep.

    Finally, Paralysed has way too much going on imo and looks awful.

    I suggest playing with the colors of the border to try and match the color scheme of the inner icons themselves and reworking silence, sleep and paralyzed ones completely.
    Thanks. I'm thinking of changing the rage ring to orange, ther paralyze looked MUCH better in my head but didn't turn out so well, I should probably do a brighter yellow for the confuzzled and I might entirely remove the ring for silence and increase the size of the icons, poison I might change out with some bubble from the animation and change the outer ring of that to be a bit darker and I might remove the background ring with sleep as well. I'll post them again after the edits. Thanks for replying and not being a dick about it.
    Anyone know of any contests outside of the forums (nothing against the in forum contests I'm just curious) that RPG Maker games can be entered into? I just want to keep an eye out for the future. 
    I wonder how many people would be interested if I were to start doing resource showcases for RPG Maker. Hmm. Gonna have to try it out for a bit on the channel and see.
    If only there was an America's got talent thing for gamers that may not have talents like singing, dancing, etc.
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    OH. Sorry. didn't know where you were going with that. I thought you were going the internet troll or internet hater route.
    Sarcasm. <3

    There are plenty of contests, or do you mean an actual tv show? Could be interesting though hopefully they'd cut out the parts where people are just sitting around in their underwear eating Cheetos at 3am.
    Something like that. I just feel like that gamers aren't really given enough attention when they really should be. Even if it was just a show showing off the coolest things that gamers have made, I'd be happy.
    Ya'know? Maybe JUST maybe I should probably start getting feedback on maps so I can slowly get better at making them.
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